The Beginning

Adrenalin pulses through my blood as rain hits my face. I run through the forest. My heart is pounding, and I feel, as I am about to burst when I come to a clearing. It is dark still and the rain is still heavy as I kneel down to a puddle. I glance at my reflection. There was a girl. Bruised and bleeding nonstop. She had cuts everywhere, on her face, eye, arms, legs, lips, and torso. Her hair was wild while her bright green eyes pleaded for help. She cried. Her eyes turned a grey-blue and her mouth sagged to the side. I glance around only to realize that hidden in that bruised girl was a face I used to know well. How I've changed. I feel my heart breaking and in anger splash the cursed mirror and continue running, like the weak girl I am, when finally I fall. I am so tired. And sick. I feel as though eventually, maybe I'll just die on my own. I surrender.

The next day I woke up, and saw that activity and songs praising God surrounded me. There were a few people bandaging my cuts and I wanted to will them to stop. I wanted to tell them I could take care of myself. But I didn't. I let them take care of me and feed me. I let them help me stand up. I let them bring me towards the group and I let them sing. I let them urge me on, when finally I raise my voice. I see them widen their eyes and smile. I hear myself sing, and after a while heard myself smile. But I knew my voice wasn't as beautiful as they made it out to be. It was an empty voice, singing a song with no melody. Finally I take a step away and I led my cursed self outside and sat on a rock. The girl who had bandaged my ankle, which turned out to be sprained in case you were wondering, followed me. We stared at the stars, and the silence soon became uncomfortable.

"Hi." she said. I glanced at her and nodded. "My name's Elise. Well technically it's Lisa-lona. I know right? What a weird name. My parents named me after the Mona Lisa. But you know…switched it around. That's how I got Lisa-lona." She laughed. "Elise fits me so much better, don't you agree?" She turned to ask my opinion. I smiled. I liked Elise.

"Yea, but Lisa-lona is such a pretty name! I'd love to have that as a name…my full name is Melody Alice Jacobs. Please call me Alice though…it fits me so much better don't you think?" I smiled quoting her words. A smile grew on her face and we both started to laugh until we were rolling on the ground. Panting we stood up smiling. She wasn't afraid of me. Even as a freak I was a freak.

"So….where'd you come from?" Elise asked.

"Well, I didn't come from anywhere. I 'sorta belong everywhere. But I think I'm gonna stay for a while."

"Really?" Her eyes lit up. "What about your parents? Won't they get worried?"

"Trust me," I told her. "They could care less." She gave me a questioning look. "Don't ask. It's a long story."

"I like stories."

"Yea, but I mean its really long. And dumb."

"So?" I didn't answer and she sighed. Finally she said, "tell me sometime?"

"Sure kiddo." Elise looked at me amused. "What?" I asked.

"You called me kiddo."

"So? I have lotsa nicknames for people."

"We're the same age." I sighed.

"Remember that story I told you about?" She nodded. "I'll tell you soon. meet me here later?" She nodded again and watched me as I slid into the crowds shadows. I licked my fangs. I finally had a friend. But would she leave? Could a human really be friends with a vampire?

I looked left and right making sure I was alone, and Elise hadn't come yet. The silence answered my question. The faintest sound was animals and leaves rustling. I kneeled into a crouch and I bit my arm and start to suck the blood from it. Making sure only to take just enough. My fangs sharpen as they inch towards the skin. The venom shoots out as I begin to suck the blood. Finally I lick the last few drops and rip a band aid out of my pocket to put on the puncture wounds. I look up to see Elise there and jump off of the rock I was sitting on.

"Elise...I look. I don't want to have to tell you what you probably already know now. I am not a monster. I promise. I don't even really know what I am. I can't help it but I do need help. Please...." I mumbled on. Finally I force myself to look my new friend in the eye. She was smiling and before I knew it was hugging me. I began to sob into her shoulder.

"Shhh...." She said, combing her fingers through my hair. "Its alright. I won't let you go. Shhh..." she rocked me back and forth. Finally I look up to see my savoir and fell asleep.