She called 9-1-1 one night, just because
she wanted someone to talk to. Midstate
9-1-1, please state your emergency
, the voice
said. "No emergency," she said, but before they
hung up, she added, "yet."

She went on to explain that everybody needs her
tonight, and that she can't express her guilt when
she doesn't pick up the phone. "I can't save everyone,"
she said, "so I have to save myself. I have to be here
so no one will feel like they are alone."

"There are those that leave, and those that never
leave you. These are the people who stay. They're
not all beautiful. They're perfect flaws who make you
who you are," she finished. Took a breath.
"Thank you for listening."

The operator wondered who stayed for her.

A/N: This will be a multi-sectioned work, updated when I find words for more of those who stay.