I was right behind him in the line, waiting to order my Frappacino and idly admiring his black curls that seemed to dance on the back of his neck. Any passerby would have thought I was some kind of stalker, but I hadn't yet gotten to that stage yet because his facial features were still unknown. I'd had previous experiences where I'd admired people's hair and they'd either had a facial deformity of some kind, or they were female, I wasn't taking any chances. The line moved on, and so did I, stumbling after the tall, broad shouldered Adonis before me, making sure my current book, Hide and Seek, hadn't fallen out of my hands. I had a tendency to drop things, or make a fool out of myself in the presence of beautiful people.

The Greek god was now ordering at the till, the teenage girl behind the counter melting in her work loafers. No matter how ugly her Starbucks uniform was it didn't stop her youthful hue from glowing, or her tight, golden ringlets from bouncing. Oh the joyful days of youth, how long gone they were since I was pushing 25 and I was still a virgin. I wasn't ugly, or horrid to look at, I just wasn't an amazing beauty. I kept my auburn curls in a neat bob to look business like at all times, I had glassy blue eyes that were on occasion hidden behind thick rimmed glasses when organising the books at the library. All together I was pretty, but not up to Greek god's par.

"May I take your order?" the girl behind the counter beamed, obviously ecstatic at the attention she was gaining from Greek god.

I looked up, snapping out of my thoughts, and looking towards starbucks girl then the Greek god, who was presently leaning against the counter waiting for his coffee, his dark orb burning into me. I bushed at how utterly perfect and handsome he was, then slowly made my way up to the counter, my long gypsy skirt swishing around my legs.

"I'll get a vanilla Frapacino please," I was glad that the words came out steady and I didn't make a fool out of myself.

The girl nodded, and then passed on my order to another beautiful college and I moved to the side, right beside Greek god. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, my bangles jangling around my wrist, my friend Sapna had brought them back for me from her visit to India.

"Hey," I almost jumped back at the suave tones emitted by the Greek god.

I could barely meet his gaze and smiled meekly, "hi."

I could not believe he was talking to me. On the inside I was dancing like a crazy person and singing "he likes me, he really likes me," but on the outside I was calmly telling myself that he was just being polite.

"I haven't seen you around here before," he drawled, seeming to lean closer.

That wasn't a good move because Sophie-Anne tended to hyperventilate when within close proximity of really hot guys. My breathing had already started to shudder and jump.

"Erm, well I come here all the time during my lunch break. I normally sit over there," I pointed to the seats tucked away in the corner, "and get some reading done before I have to go back to the library. I'm blabbering aren't I?"

He chuckled, tilting his head back slightly, his Adams apple bobbing up and down. And I wet myself. No, I didn't really, but I was close.

"It's fine, I haven't had a good conversation in a while. My job keeps random hours so my schedule is all over the place," he waved rather tanned and large hands in the air, hands that were made for pleasing.

"What do you do?" I bit my lip, keeping my speech to a minimum.

He hesitated, which was funny because normally hot people never hesitated.

"I'm an entertainer," he finally said.

I cocked my head to the side, "as in clown?"

He shook his head, laughter flowing out through those sensual petals you call lips.
"No, I work with people much older, from the 20's to their 40's," he stated simply.


Trust a damn starbucks employee to ruin the moment. I scowled silently to myself, but then again what chance did I have with him in the long run? I watched as the Greek god graciously received the coffee with a wink then turned back to a rather disappointed Sophie-Anne.

"Before I go, I didn't seem to catch your name," he grinned at me.

My disappointment dissolved and was then replaced with a warm fuzzy feeling of success and triumph.

"Sophie-Anne," I beamed up at him, "and yours?"

"Angelo," he whispered, as if he had a lot of practice which I don't doubt.

I opened my mouth to say something more-


Damn those Starbuck employees.

"He sounds too good to be true," Sapna chuckled, filing books into their bookshelves.

I stood beside her, holding the ladder in place and telling my great lunch time story.

"Damn straight," I agreed, "I didn't even get his number."

"That's sad," Sapna agreed, stuffing the last of the books in and making her way back down the ladder.

"I was this close," I pinched my fingers together, "to getting laid and not being labelled a frigid librarian."

Sapna shook her head with a smile, tucking back loose black hair.

"Why are you so desperate to loose your virginity?" she questioned.

I tutted at her as if it were the stupidest question I'd ever heard, which it was.

"I don't want to die a spinster, I at least want to tell my 37 cats about the hot night of passion I shared with Angelo, to bad the chance was taken by Starbucks," I grumbled.

"Well it just wasn't meant to be," Sapna patted me on the head before strolling off.

I glanced at my wrist watch hidden amongst my many bangles; the time read 5:50pm.

"We gotta close this place in ten," I called after my colege.

"Already on it!" she disappeared into the back room then remerged with the keys. I rushed over to the counter, grabbing my coat and shoulder bag, there had been a time when Sapna had locked my stuff in and drove off, and so I wasn't taking any chances.

"Do you think we'll get sacked for locking up 10 minutes early?" I grinned.

"Not likely, no customers have come for hours," Sapna mumbled, zipping up her coat.

I pulled my own duffle coat over my shoulders, and checked the pocket for my bus pass. My fingers slipped over a smooth object, and I smiled in approval, before skipping off to the front door.

"I'm ready."

Sapna ushered me out of the door, and into the mildly cold evening.

"Catch you later," I waved her off and made my way down the street, preparing myself for yet another bus drive where the local bum would eye me up with brown, muddled eyes.

It had been the same routine up until I arrived at my apartment, and was about to step in through my front door when I witnessed my neighbour making out with a guy. I rolled my eyes, this being normal for flamboyant Christie. It wasn't until I looked closer that I realised her partner in crime was Angelo.

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