Cinderella never had it this good

I expected jealous ex-girlfriend antics. That was part of the whole love story. She would try to get my new boyfriend back, but our love would prevail. She would do everything in her power to make my life a living hell. I would take it, then my new boy would tell her to piss off.

But there were no repercussions. No girl hellbent on revenge. No vengeance scheme. Juleyn just wasn't like that. She was sweet, and tolerant. She took the fact that Bryan didn't love her anymore way too well. Juleyn didn't scream or cry or yell at me. She nodded sadly and gave a weak smile. The fact that she kept her sadness to herself and accepted the change made me feel like a selfish bitch at first. Who was I, an infatuated, spoiled brat, to come barging in on their relationship? It would have been easier if she tried to take Bryan back. I would have felt accomplished. Instead, I felt sad. That should have been my first clue.

Then the feeling passed and I was thinking of Bryan again. Bryan, and his strong, tanned body. Bryan, and his soft blond hair. Bryan, and his beautiful green eyes. Bryan, and his sweet, masculine voice. Bryan, and his award-winning smile. Bryan, and me.

Yes, I am now the girlfriend of Bryan Shelling, the best of the best. The golden boy. He had dumped his former girlfriend for me. A shy, unpopular girl desperately in love with the man she never thought she would have. She thought wrong.

Of course, I didn't see much of my old friends anymore. I had new ones. Better ones. Popular ones. Friends who would invite me to parties and sleepovers. The same people who I had sought the acceptance of were now reveling in my glory. This is one of the parts I love about dating the most popular guy in school.

The other part is dating Bryan himself. With all his other girlfriends, Bryan gives them presents and takes them on fancy dates. He's so protective and loves spending money. He never goes farther then the girl wants, just far enough. I've heard all of this from previous girlfriends, of course.

The only thing I'm worried about is Bryan dumping me. He never had those pampered girlfriends for long, so I'm hoping he doesn't get bored. But he dumped his girlfriend of three months for me! And everybody knows he never keep girls for more then six weeks. He thought he loved Julyen. Until he met me.

This is how it went:

"Do you have a date to the Winter Ball?" Hellen demanded as soon as she saw me.

"No." I said. There was only one person who I would go to the Ball with: Bryan Shelling. But he was going with Juleyn Harris. Ergo, I don't have a date.

"You have to go with someone!" Hellen said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"This isn't prom. I'm not going with anyone," I rolled my eyes.

Hellen turned to me with a mischievous look in her eyes, "I bet Tom would go with you."

"Ugh! I wouldn't be caught dead with Tom!" I screeched. Tom was a nerd/dork who has been smitten with me ever since the seventh grade. He's ugly, pockmarked, bespectacled, and wears his pants around his waist. Since highschool, it's been easier to avoid him, but he likes to turn up at the worst moments.

"Well then, if not Tom, you only have two days to get a date," Hellen said.

"I'm not going with anyone," I repeated stubbornly, "only Bryan could be my date."

It was true. I would not date anyone but Bryan. Of course, I was only kidding myself, but I could pretend. Bryan had girls falling behind his feet, as well as in front of them. He's never going to look up, see a girl like me sitting in a corner, walk over, and fall in love with me. Besides, he's got Juleyn.

Oh, Juleyn, who deserves to die in a pit of flames and snakes. She's the lucky girl who has Bryan's affections for now. She's the one who gets the fancy jewelry and limo rides. She's the one who kisses Bryan after a good game. She's the one he kisses back. If only she was a stuck up bitch. Then I wouldn't feel bad about bad-mouthing her.

Juleyn is your picture perfect girl. She's tall, skinny, dark skinned, beautiful, dark, silky hair, spirited brown eyes, and full, pouty lips. She never talks back, never lies, never cheats, never drinks, is always as sweet as can be, generous, selfless, devoted. Basically, everything a guy wants in a girl. No wonder Bryan chose her. He must really love her, too. She's lasted three whole months, twice as long as any other girl has lasted. Like I stand a chance against her, then all the other girls Bryan actually knows and is friends with.

"You'll have to give up on Bryan sometime," Hellen said, drifting off to her class.

I would have to, wouldn't I? But could I?

The Winter Ball was tonight. I had bought two gowns and was contemplating which one I should wear. The white one might wash out my skin in the dim lighting, but it had beautiful design. The second dress was dark blue, but simple, with a small pattern on the edge of the skirt. I went with the blue.

My shoulder-length, dirty blond hair was swept up into an elegant bun, tied with a ribbon matching my dress. Light blue silk that matched my eyes adorned my hands and neck. I was beautiful, in my eyes. Beautiful and graceful and stunning. Until I fell down the stairs.

I mean, come on! We don't even have tall or steep stairs. Just a small set of four leading down to the den where all our money is kept. And I tripped!

"Graceful," my sister, Bella said sarcastically, standing at the top of the stairs. She was wearing in a sheer, almost see through, white dress that somehow didn't make her pale or sickly looking. The strapless fabric hung perfectly on her willowy form. Her long white blond hair was waved, and spilled over her shoulders.

"Shut up," I muttered, examining the damage. Only my hair had been mussed.

See, if Bella had tripped, she would have done it gracefully and rose back up like a swan, not a single detail out of place. Everyone would admire her, then forget about the whole thing. I was laughed at.

"Tami! Someone's at the door!" mom called. I peeked my head out: "just a second!" I grabbed what money I had and pushed past Bella. Mom was standing in the foyer, one hand on her back. She was almost three months into her pregnancy, and not doing well at all. The father of the unborn baby lived elsewhere and joined us often for dinner.

The door was open and Hellen, Rachelle, Della, and Issie were waiting for me, all of them looking beautiful. I could see a limo behind them and their dates sitting in the car.

"Where'd you get the stretch?" I asked, craning my head for a look at the sleek car.

"Come on, Tami," Della laughed, "My date got it for us. Nice, huh?"

"Yeah," I breathed as we made our way to the limo. I waved good bye to my mom and slid into the very back seat. Sitting around me were Jake Cargan, Vick Morr, and Tony Larson. Hellen's date would meet her at the Ball, so she sat with me.

"Now," She began, and I rolled my eyes, "I don't want you drooling over Bryan the whole time. You are to behave and have fun with us."

"Yeah, Yeah, I will," I muttered, "Bryan'll be busy with Juleyn anyway."

"You won't spoil this for us," Hellen said, "We won't let you hurt this in any way."

"I won't!" I hissed, exasperated. I heard her the first time she said it. She thinks I'm so crazy over Bryan that I won't relax and have fun. Of course I will.

Or not.

Bryan was so gorgeous in a tux. His wavy blond hair was falling sexily over his green eyes. He was holding a glass of punch in one hand, the other wrapped around Juleyn.

Juleyn was stunning, as usual. She was wearing a slinky, with what looked like real diamonds at her neck, wrists, ears, and on her shoes. Her hair had also been pulled into a bun, but it somehow was so much more beautiful that mine could ever be. She was smiling dazedly up at Bryan.

My ears burned with envy, and it must have showed on my face because Hellen grabbed my arm and forced me away from the lovebirds.

"No staring!"

"I'm just gonna go and talk to them," I said, making up my mind. I slipped out of Hellen's grip and over to the snack bar. I had to dodge dancing couples who muttered darkly at me.

"Sorry!" I said and squeezed between two blonds deep in conversation. Then it was like I had crawled out of a hole.

This part of the room was lit in a beautiful way that could only be seen from up close. The lights seemed to be shining from no where and everywhere. This was the "in" spot. This is where I wanted to be.

Bryan had twirled Juleyn around and started dancing with her, slightly off beat to the music that could barely be heard over here.

"Hi," I said, a bit breathlessly. I knew I was interrupting the two, but that didn't really matter.

"Oh, hello!" Juleyn said brightly.

"Uh, iwaswonderingifyouwantedtodance," I said very quickly to Bryan.

Julyen must have understood me because she giggled and said to her date, "Oh, go on!" she giggled. It must be nice knowing that your boyfriend could go and hang out with other girls, and he would always come back to you at the end of the night.

"You don't mind?" I said incredulously. I was really hoping that she meant it. Dancing with Bryan would be a dream come true. Then he would leave Juleyn for me and we would be together forever.

Little did I know that was about to happen.

Bryan offered he his arm with a grunt. I didn't notice that he was very reluctant to dance with me. As we sauntered to the dance floor, several girls were shooting me death glares that I returned with a smile. They could do all they wanted to me. I was going to dance with Bryan Shelling!

We began to dance, and Hellen was staring at me with wide eyes as we passed each other.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"Enjoying myself," I said smugly.

Bryan clasped my hand in his and lightly pressed the other against my back. We twirled and I was in heaven. I looked up at Bryan to see him smiling to. His grin was adorable and I became distracted by his face. I lost my footing a stumbled, making him laugh.

After the song was over, he led me out the back door and twirled my hair between his fingers.

"You're very beautiful," he whispered.

"I am?" He was very close to me. I was beginning to think this was all a joke, but Bryan looked serious enough.

Then he kissed me. On the lips. Soft and sweet. For a long time.

"Bryan?" we broke apart to see Juleyn standing in the doorway, her brows furrowed in confusion.

"Oh!" I gasped, flustered. Juleyn, Bryan's girlfriend had just witnessed us kiss. I glanced over at Bryan nervously, but his face betrayed nothing.

"So I guess you're dumping me now," Juleyn said. Bryan nodded. I could see she was sad, who wouldn't be? But the emotion I saw overtake the sadness was disappointment.

"I thought I could change you. Show you that not all girls are recyclable. That you can love one forever," she said. By now I was feeling very guilty. I had betrayed the small trust Juleyn had for me as a acquaintance, and Bryan had broken the bond they had built.

However, one look at Bryan showed that he felt no remorse at all. He was staring coolly at Juleyn, then said, "I think you should leave me and Tami to ourselves." all thoughts of guilt flew out of my head. I was too busy rejoicing over the fact that Bryan had remembered my name. I didn't see the glimmer of tears in Juleyn's eyes. He had said my name, and I don't even recall telling it to him. My name!

From then on, I was "Bryan's girlfriend, Tami." Everyone at the dance seemed to know by the end of the night. My friends drove me home, but they didn't really talk to me. I talked to them. I went into detail of every little thing that happened. They all looked bored, but I knew they were listening and wanted to hear every juicy detail.

Winter break was two weeks long, but I knew I would get together with Bryan sometime. As boyfriend and girlfriend, we had to, right?

A/N: Selfish, selfish Tami. Don't worry, this is part of her character. She does change. ok, so to me, the dance part seemed a bit rushed. Tell me what you think, too.

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