Book One: Dreams from the Spirits
Dream One: Legends of the Tribe

She glanced at the canopy of the dark forest, anxiously watching the moon move slowly but steadily eastward. Her time for this night was running out.

"Halloween is a special day for us. Not necessarily a good one, but yes, it is special. It is the day when our real world and the spirit world become one." Kachina swept a hand through the air in front of her. "There. I have touched the spirit world in many places, and I felt nothing of it.

She dropped her gaze to her pale, transparent hands. How she hated being hindered by her time awake in the real world, where she did not consciously believe in this one. She could do nothing useful while she was there. How could she? She did not think of the truth as the truth, but as mere legends of a tribe.

"Spirits are as solid as we are, if not more so. However, when we think we see ghosts, spirits, they are merely traveling exploring our world with their minds as a test of their maturity. Humans cannot survive the spirit world, for its material is much denser. Only a rare few can access it with their minds—the ones we consider to be shamans and witches and warlocks and whatnot. Even rarer are those who can physically survive the heavy material, and, practically nonexistent, those who can travel between these two worlds of their own volition."

Beside her, Enyk shifted nervously. "I wish you could stay."

"You don't really believe that, do you?" Erik asked after a short pause.

"I do, too," she whispered, "but I can't, not until I'm aware that these are more than dreams. Until then, I'm bound to that world during the day unless I am tired enough to sleep. Not that sleep does me any good." She laughed bitterly. "Awake, I dwell in that world. Asleep, I dwell here. I get no rest."

She grinned and whispered, "Hell no. But it's a myth of my tribe, so don't tell my parents I said that."

The world around her pulsed sharply, fading in and out of focus. She gritted her teeth, willing to keep her eyes open. Enyk put a steadying hand on her upper arm and gazed at her sadly.

Erik punched her shoulder playfully. "What parents? I've never seen 'em in my life, and you know it, even though we've been friends since who knows when."

"It's getting worse," she cried softly. "I've been waking sooner and sooner for school, and I've been treating all of this as a pleasant, adventurous dream. Enyk, I might die one night. This side of me is so dependent on the underlying belief! If I could exist, separate from my real self, I could help you so much more! As it is, I'm weakening by the moon, by the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second. If I can't pull myself together, Enyk, I'm going to die."

"Um, that's not exactly true any more," she grinned, wryly at his puzzled expression, and then she rolled her eyes. "And anyways, they won't stop insisting that the myths are true. That, and they've convinced themselves that I'm a shamaness of some sort. I should stop telling them my weird dreams."

Enyk drew her in front of him. "If you are to die, then I would like to know something."

"No kidding," Erik muttered, his eyebrows raised skeptically.

She merely looked at him, watching his shadowed hazel eyes in the waning moonlight. He leaned to her suddenly, pulling her closer, until their faces were almost touching, and her heart suddenly began a deep pulse in her chest, and she tilted her head to one side and waited, her breaths turning shorter

"I know." Kachina nodded as the bell rang for sixth period.

She faded. Enyk froze, his arms still wrapped around a figure that was not there anymore.

End Notes:

So, how was it? 'Cuz asides from the really confusing skipping around, I like it. The italicized scene added a certain amount of unexpected romance for me, but it's still nicely vague. Pocky/review points to reviewers! *eyes nearby pocky box*