(No music at the beginning. Start with a focus on an alarm clock. After a moment, it goes off. HENRY automatically hits the snooze.)


I hate mornings.

(HENRY comes out of his room, looking half-dead, and trudges down the hallway and to the kitchen.)

That's me. Henry.

(HENRY gets out a bowl, a spoon, and raids the pantry.)

And I'm doomed to spend the rest of my life with April Hannagan. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice girl and I do really like her, but she's a little…

(Cut to a scene with APRIL and HENRY- black and white, no sound. HENRY says something, looking apologetic, and APRIL freaks out. She stares at HENRY for a moment or so, closes and opens her mouth once, and when HENRY starts to say something again, she starts yelling in his face.)


(Cut to another clip of HENRY and APRIL, still in black and white. They're taking a walk. HENRY is obviously flirting with APRIL.)

Though if I have to be doomed to be with someone, not complaining about it being April. She's really pretty sweet and cute and… unique. I only say I'm "doomed" to be with her because every man in our family ends up with someone like her. There's no avoiding it.

(Back to HENRY in the kitchen. He is now eating a bowl of cereal by the counter when the phone rings. He picks it up and it goes to JAMES. JAMES talks to HENRY while putting in a pocket protector and then a pen.)

That's one of my best friends, James. He's a really big nerd. Gets straight A's, takes AP classes, addicted to Star Wars to the point where he went as Obi Wan for Halloween.

(A black and white clip of JAMES with a toy light saber and wearing a floral sheet formed into a robe.)

Or so he said.

(Go back to JAMES, who is still talking on the phone, but making an abnormally large sandwich with questionable ingredients.)

The one nerdy thing he can't manage to do is solve a Rubik's Cube. But other than that, smart guy who happens to be going out with April's best friend, Cassandra.

(To another clip of JAMES and CASSANDRA doing homework together. JAMES is trying to explain something to CASSANDRA, but he's a bit flustered because CASSANDRA keeps running her finger up and down his arm.)

I may or may not use this to my advantage.

(Back to HENRY, who finishes talking to JAMES and hangs up. Then SIMON walks in without knocking or anything, dropping his backpack on the table. He says "hello" and proceeds to raid the pantry. HENRY doesn't seem to care.)

And that's my other best friend, Simon. He's cool, but he doesn't really understand why you can't just walk in your best friend's house without knocking or ringing a doorbell or anything. He practically lives here anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

(SIMON takes out a Pop Tart or something along those lines and goes back to put it in his backpack. He says something to HENRY and the two boys grab their backpacks and leave. The camera follows them outside.)

They all seem to have everything planned out. James wants to run his own software company, Cassandra's gonna be a journalist, Simon's going to be a interior designer, and April… ha, she's planned out everything: her wedding, what to name her kids, her rise from intern to nurse to head nurse to the wise old lady who gives all the children in the neighborhood chocolate chip cookies, and she even planned her funeral. Toldja she was… unique.

(Pause as we watch SIMON and HENRY jump in HENRY's car.)

Me? I have no idea.

(They drive away. Fade to black.)

This is a script I'm writing for my friend. ^^

Anybody want some cake? :D