The new kid.

The principle frowned as he looked down and shuffles his papers.

"You see mister…."

"Uh Kaden sir, my name is Kaden"

"Alright mister Kaden the thing is even though your grades are excellent and you fully exemplify our ideas for the scholarship academically, I am concerned about your reputation of getting into fights. We do not allow fighting in this prestigious boarding school. Bridgewater, Mr. Kaden, is a fine establishment going many years back and we can not allow fist fighting in school. However, I do know that without this scholarship you do not have the ablihty to come to Bridgewater. I suppose you may have the scholarship, but if I hear one instance of fighting you are out of the school." The headmaster looked firmly down at the small black haired teenager sitting before him. Although the headmaster's appearance seemed firm, he was secretly warming to the shy lad. He was getting a full scholarship and deserved more then anyone of those billionaire morons who went to this school did.

"Alright Mr. Kaden go home and pack your things. You can move into the dorm next week."

"Sir, if it is alright I have all my stuff in my car outside. Can I move in today?"

"Alright Kaden. Your dorm will be dorm room 285. Welcome to Bridgewater."

Hello my name is Kaden. I am now going to Bridgewater on scholarship… using my grades…but my brother's record. I am officially a member of an all boy's school. The problem? I am a girl.