In the kingdom there reside many forces, and yet they are all part of the same whole; the kingdom is one, and acts as one, and lives as one.

Long ago, the kingdom was ruled by a terrible monster. It had deceived the people of the kingdom by promising them happiness and fulfillment, but once they trusted themselves to the monster, the only result for the people was enslavement and death. The monster committed many atrocious deeds and the people eventually realized that it was evil. They tried to kill the monster, but they could not do so on their own, and so they cried out to heaven for help and victory. They were sent a knight who battled and defeated the monster, but even the knight was not strong enough to kill it, for the monster cannot die as long as the kingdom stands. Since the knight could not kill the monster, he instead imprisoned the monster in the deepest reaches of the kingdom and fought to win the people back from the corrupting effects of the monster's influence. Now, though the monster is quite cunning and still tries to deceive and hurt the people when he can, the knight constantly stands vigilant watch over the foul creature in hopes to prevent it from committing any further atrocities.. These hopes, however, are only hopes.

While all the people of the kingdom sleep, the knight still keeps his watch over the monster. Tonight, the monster gives a twisted smile. "You can never stop me," it growls to the knight.

"I have stopped you already and I will stop you again if I have to," the knight responds resolutely, readying his sword should the need arise. "You will commit no more of your atrocious acts."

"On the contrary," the monster replies, "I have already laid plans to continue in my ways, and you cannot stop me. The kingdom is mine. The people of the kingdom are mine, too. You cannot rescue them from my influence."

The knight brings his sword to the monster's neck and pushes it forward just a little bit. "I will fight you to defend the people of the kingdom", he says. With that, the monster brushes the sword aside, lunges forward, and begins to attack the knight. Its claws and brute strength move swiftly, but the knight is protected by his armor, as well as with the divine power of heaven, and he blocks and parries the attacks with his sword. The battle comes to a standstill. "You will not harm the people of the kingdom any longer," the knight declares boldly.

Knowing that his opponent currently has the upper hand, the monster decides to play his trump card. "Oh, but I will," it answers coldly. "The people are mine to do with as I is the princess."

The knight is taken aback, but he tries not to show it. The princess of whom the monster speaks is the the fairest maiden in all the land, possessed of sweetness and beauty both spiritual and physical that give the people of the kingdom a great respect for and affection toward her. For a long time, the kingdom had been in close contact with the princess, and just recently she had come to live within the kingdom's walls, and the kingdom within her. At this time, the knight made an even greater commitment to prevent the monster's villainy, not only to protect the people of the kingdom, but also to protect the princess, who was greatly loved by all the people. Hurting the princess and the kingdom's relationship with her would utterly devastate the kingdom and be one of the monster's greatest victories ever.

The knight is resolute. Being reminded of the princess fuels his passion to fight evil and protect the innocent. The battle rages on, and it is a long, hard fight, but the knight eventually bests the monster and weakens it enough to push it back into its prison...for the time being.

With a righteous anger, the knight speaks out against the monster. "You have sinned against heaven," he says, "And you have sinned against the people. But I absolutely will not allow you to sin against the princess. You must not, and will not, corrupt the one shred of decency that still resides within the kingdom's walls. If you ever, ever do something which hurts her, I promise upon my honor as a warrior and a servant of heaven that I will fight you to the death."

"So you say," the monster answers. "But you can't kill me. You know you can't. It is a law of nature that as long as the kingdom still lives, so will I. And besides, the kingdom is one. It lives as one, it acts as one. You and I are parts of the same whole. And I know that if I ever did hurt the princess, you would be so ashamed that you very well might never fight again." The monster starts to laugh--a cruel, wicked, demented laugh.

Unswaveringly, the knight stares the monster in the eye. He longs to kill the monster and be rid of it forever, but this conflict is a stalemate that neither one shall win. Slowly, the knight backs away, no longer in fighting mode but still keeping a watchful eye on the monster. The monster is still laughing. The wicked, biting laugh echoes throughout every corner of the kingdom.

I am the kingdom.