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Chapter 1

I glanced up at him doubtfully, "Ben…I don't think you should do this…"

He snickered up at me and then held out his large hands, "C'mon, it's nothing bad."

"You're maiming the rules!" I scowled at him as I scurried over the top of the fence and landed safely into his arms.

"No, it's not. Those frat boys should've seen this coming…" Ben said with abnormal bitterness.

"Why are you so vengeful, babe?" I crinkled my nose and then wrapped my hands around his, "It might get you killed…."

"Hell no, those jerks should learn their lessons," Ben roared, defiantly. He's usually so kindred, but he is overcome with anger right now.

"What did they do?" I sighed, it felt like I was a mother.

"They…." Ben trailed off, "They humiliated me."

"Sweetie…that's barely a reason to get back at them to this extent!" I reasoned with him, my voice trying to be soothing

Ben brushed a dark brown lock of hair out of his face and he let out a hissing breath, "Look, just wait in the car, okay?"

"What are you going to do?" I asked him warily and peered over his shoulder at the gigantic house the loomed behind our trespassed entrance.

"Nothing, I'm just going to have a talk with Cole," he explained.

I bit my lips, "Don't take too long…."

He nodded and then gestured towards the idled Volvo before heading up the brick path towards the enormous house. I climbed into the Volvo and reached over towards the ignition, pulling out the keys so the car would stop humming.

I waited patiently as I stared timidly towards the silent house. The wind howled against the car, splashing some loose leaves against the windshield. Nervously I glanced at my watch to see that it said 8 P.M.. I sighed and leaned back, slowly shutting my eyes.

Something screeched as I jolted awake in my seat, suddenly feeling cold.

"Ben?" I called and then glanced at the empty car seat next to me. I quickly glanced at my watch again, it read 1 A.M. I glanced warily out the windshield and saw people shuffling past, closing their car doors and walking towards the gate.

I ducked down into the seat and held my breath.

"What's this piece of shit doing in the driveway?" I heard someone say in a gruff voice.

"Must be another one of his mobiles," someone kicked the tires and then let out a growl, "I don't get why he cant discard it himself. He should really think before acting!"

I bit my lips as I shrunk lower into my seat and they walked up the hill. As soon as they disappeared into the house, I let out a relieved sigh and then squinted to see them return from the house, they were pulling something along, something limp and large.

My eyes widened as an arm fell out and hung limply as the boys hoisted the body slowly down from the house. The arm had the same sleeves as Ben.

"C'mon, we have to go bury this thing…." Cole commanded, gruffly.

"Why did you stab him so many times?!" the accomplice inquired angrily, "You know it's impossible to get blood out of the carpets…"

My heart fluttered as I slammed out of the car door screaming, "What are you doing?! Ben! Ben! Answer me!"

Cole froze as the two boys dropped the corpse.

"Grace?…" Cole's eyes widened in surprise and then he pulled on a dark scowl, "What are you doing here…."

I let out a loud sob, "What did you do to Ben…what did you do?!"

I heard their gruff footsteps inch closer to me and I whipped around and pulled out a pen from my pockets, "Get away from me!"

"Is this bitch crazy?" they grabbed the pen from my hands and then flicked out a pocket knife.

I dove for the blade and wrapped my fingers stupidly around the icy sharpness. The blade pierced my skin and I felt the warm blood ooze from its freshly made new wounds.

Finally, the man released the blade and I stumbled back against the iron fence and then quickly scrambled up towards the house.

"Get her! Before she sees it!" Cole shouted and then immediately I heard the three men give chase towards me.

I scrambled into the house and then glanced around, "Where are the parents? Help!"

No one responded, where were they! I quickly slammed the oak door behind me and locked it, scrambling up the flight of stairs as I heard loud banging against the door.

My sneakers slipped against the hardwood floor which was wet with blood as I let out a terrified squeak and ran down the carpeted hallway. I hit a dead end in the hallway and I heard the front door splinter and give way to the angry men.

"Oh my god, no…" I breathed, leaning towards hysteria and then I glanced up and saw a handle. Jumping desperately I grabbed hold of it and I stared wide eyed as I heard the footsteps trample their way up. I hung there, thrashing, hoping maybe my weight would make the trap door open.

Finally, it released and it slowly revealed a retractable ladder that slid down. Quickly, I scrambled up and then tugged it shut behind me. I eagerly piled on furniture on top of the attic door and then I heard raspy talking beneath.

Terrified I glanced around the crowded attic and saw something glowing in the dark. It was a phone and it was vibrating.

My hands stung as I grabbed the vibrating phone and I saw the name blink with each vibration.

"Ben…?" my eyes began to tear up as the phone continued to vibrate.

"Grace! You better come down before I get up there…" I heard Cole threaten furiously.

I pressed the talk button with a trembling hand and pressed it to my ears before hesitantly whispering, "Hello?…"

There was a lot of buzzing and raspy scratching, "H…he…"

"Ben?! Ben! Oh god, please! Are you okay?" I screamed into the phone, he must be in the back of the trunk, bleeding to death, "I'm coming, baby, don't give up, Ben!…"

There was no reply.

"Ben?" my voice broke.

"H…hel…..help me," his voice whispered, frightened and then I heard a loud click before everything went dark.

I was swimming in darkness as I began to feel the gentle rolling. Letting out a loud gasp I opened my eyes and glanced around me. Everything was dark, except for the silvery moonlight that drifted in through the tiny window.

"Where am I?" I breathed and then sat up, feeling the covers that were wrapped around my shoulders slip off and land on my lap.

Around me there was several other bunks in a very cramped room. Letting out a startled breath I glanced up and someone peeked over at me, her eyes dark and innocent.

It was a child.

"What's wrong missus?" she asked, "You are breathing very heavily!"

I shook my head, "Sorry, I just had a nightmare."

"I see, my mum says nightmares are not real!" she said, an accent very distinct and olden.

"Oh…" I muttered and then looked up at her curiously, "Can you tell me where I am?"

She giggled at me, her ten year old eyes glittering, "Why, you are very funny, miss!"

I frowned, "No, I'm serious."

Her smile disappeared, "Oh, I'm terribly sorry to have laughed at you."

"It's okay, but just tell me where I am!" I insisted.

"How could you possibly not know? You're on the Titanic, of course!"

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