So I was rereading this story that I began writing about six years ago and realized that it was awkward, choppy, and unrealistic. As such, I am going to be rewriting the first few chapters. Welcome to Elemental Mage! ~Starry

"Hey, Audrey, what'd you get on the math test?" asked my best friend Rosie as she stopped at my locker, waiting for me to get my books out for English.

"100," I replied, smiling slightly. Top of the class again, I just knew it.

"Hey, I got the same score as Awww-dreeee," came a loud voice. Ugh. I knew that voice and I hated it with every fiber of my being. It took all of my composure not to display any emotion as Caidan Erickson's horrible grin swam into view.

"Look who decided to mingle with the commoners," I said coolly. Caidan was the star of our school's basketball team and football team and golf team and pretty much every sports team offered. He practically ran the school. Usually he didn't waste time on people like me, unless it benefited him.

Caidan made me want to scream. He'd been a jerk to me since kindergarten when he kept stealing crayons out of my box, and the fun hadn't stopped there. He'd made it his mission to make my life hell at every single opportunity he found. Why? Because he could. Dismissing those bitter thoughts, I grabbed my English binder and walked with Rosie to the English classroom. We dropped our books onto our desks, which were right next to each other. The bell rang and Ms. Rawnee, our eccentric but lovable English teacher, called for everyone's attention. I heard Caidan shuffle in. Late, again.

"Class, as I have mentioned in earlier lessons, we're going to start our project on fairy tales," announced Ms. Rawnee. All the guys groaned, and some of the girls made faces. However, I was excited. Ms. Rawnee was one of my favorite teachers and I was always excited for her projects. "You will all find a fairy tale, retell it to the class, discuss its origin, and put your own interpretive spin on it!" Ms. Rawnee was one of those teachers that got really excited about everything she did. I was always inspired by her enthusiasm, but clearly my peers did not share that opinion.

"You are to complete your project with a partner, which I have pre-assigned for you." Another groan came from the class. How mature were we? I mean, really. You would think that high school seniors wouldn't act like they were in eighth grade all over again.

"Partners are listed up on the SmartBoard," she said, turning on the screen. I scanned the list, hoping to find Rosie and myself together. I spotted her name next to Dylan Saunders, one of Caidan's jock friends.

I heard Rosie begin to giggle. "You're gonna be so pissed," she whispered to me. Almost immediately after that, I found my nameā€¦ right next to Caidan's. Of course. Could my life be more predictable?

"Hey," Rosie whispered consolingly, "It could be worse. You could be working with Dylan. I don't think he knows how to spell his own name."

"Trade you," I sighed. This project sucked already.

"People, find your partners and discuss fairy tale topics," said Ms. Rawnee excitedly as she clapped her hands together. Heaving a sigh, I got up and walked over to Caidan's desk. He was leaning back in his chair, his messy blond hair hanging over his eyes and a cheeky smirk on his face. It made me want to kick him. I pushed my cropped bangs out of my eyes and sat down.

"So tell me, which fairy tale are you going to tell to blow Rawnee's mind and get me an A?" asked Caidan languidly.

"I'm not going to do this thing for you," I snapped. "I will tell Ms. Rawnee to fail you."

"Whoa, chill out," Caidan said, cocking an eyebrow. "You need to relax."

"I'll file your suggestion in my shove-it-up-your-ass folder," I said briskly. "Let's work on this project. Ideas?"

"None," Caidan grinned. I kicked him beneath the desk so Ms. Rawnee wouldn't see. "Ow, shit! What was that for?"

"Being a dumbass," I responded coolly.

"You come up with the ideas, you're the smart one here," he retorted.

"Clearly," I smiled to myself; I won that one and he knew it.

"Well, I was going to suggest we try to research a few really old-fashioned fairy tales that no one's heard of, but since you're being difficult, I won't bother."

"Caidan Erickson making a good suggestion? The apocalypse is nearing," I said drily. Caidan ignored my comment and moved on. "Okay, so obscure fairy tales. Where would we find them?"

"How about the library?" I asked sarcastically.

Caidan grunted. "You know, for someone so quiet, you really are a bitch."

"Duly noted. Library tomorrow, one o'clock sharp."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," he grumbled. We spent the rest of the hour staring fixedly in opposite directions.