Apology (1)

I cannot deny
That I want to cry
When I think of what I've done
To make you feel so numb
I want to make it right
I never want to fight
again. It's all in the Past
And I want us to last.
I never want to see you hurt
I want what's best for you first
But if this is possessive
Or a little obsessive
Then tell me. I swear,
I'll always care
I'm always here for you
Whether you want me to
or not. I apologize within
For my tendency to cling
And overreact
And my lack of tact
And my cutting remark
Such a stab in the dark
I'm sorry
That I worry
So, I'll try and fix it
And you talk me through it
My Star in the Darkness
Is bright with its' starkness