Apology (2)

You've been there forever
And forever will be.
It's great that we're together,
You, them and me.
You're my guide in the dark
You'll see me through
You'll be there for me
And I'm here for you.
I know that I use you,
As my middle man
But I will try not to
Whenever I can.
But the best thing about you?
You know how to laugh
And I only wish
That I was just half
as selfless as you.
You tell me things straight
and just as they are.
You don't make me wait
But there's more to say
Can't get it all down
Don't want to see you unhappy
And never want to see you frown
Needless to say
I'll be there forever
Exactly like you
Lifelong friend. Not ending. Never.