Confessions of a Teenage Poet

All of this time
I've been praying to you
Asking she feel
What I want her to
But now what I realise
Has changed what I do.

I can't make her love me
No matter how hard I try
Their words, their problems
Were passing me by
But know I have seen
The problem is I.

I cling to their presence
Like moths to a flame
And don't hear them tell me
It's not part of the game
For all their problems and angers
I am to blame.

I want them to tell me
By matter of fact
But they are worried
About how I'll react
Months of not knowing
It's time to change tact.

I say things which really
I know I don't mean
But just as I know it
They're not taken as seen
And I ask myself
Why are they not keen

To be around me
And face my sharp tongue
The way that I'm acting
So fucking young
Their true feelings seem
To be going unsung

And I cannot bear
That they can't tell me this
That I go too far
With just the odd kiss
But they cannot see
They're my big sis

And he's my brother
My strength and my rock
But these feelings depart
To be replaced with pure shock
It's not fair on them
That I'm being such a cock.

But I will do better
Will strive to improve
Yet I need them to tell me
When things aren't so smooth
And when I'm too clingy
So I can move

I ask for them to talk to me
About whatever's on their mind
And in me an answer
I will try to find
Because it's not fair on them
Madness of this kind

That's all I ask for
For this problem to end
Coz despite how hard I try
I cannot pretend
I need them. I Love them
My three greatest friends.