There Seems No End

There seems no end
To this turmoil I'm in
I cannot pretend
That I am without sin
I feel my life
Crashing to my feet
This trouble and strife
I seem to greet

There seems no end
To the strain of the time
I cannot defend
My reason to shine
Too much to do
So little time
Why do I feel
Like I'm going to die?

There seems no end
To this solitude
Lonely, Forever,
Forgotten, Subdued
I need you, I want you
I hope you do too
I cannot live,
This life without you

There seems no end
To this stretch of pain
Am I to descend?
No spiral of gain
I need to begin
But I don't know how
This mound of stress
Begins to depress

Why do I feel
So lonely and sad?
I try to do well
But I just seem to fail
Too little time
So much to do
And this life of mine
Is still without you.