"Elizabeth! You need to get up, or you're going to be late for school!"

Ugh! Why does my mom have to scream every morning for me to get up? It gets so annoying years upon years. It's like parents enjoy doing things that get on your nerves, they are just programmed like that. From the time you are born to the time you move out of the house.

Well I guess I should start from the beginning, I'm Elizabeth Rose, or Liz for short. I say that I look like your average girl, long brown hair, green eyes, 5'4 height, and pretty slim. I'm not outstandingly beautiful, just plain.

I have one little brother (who I swear is out to make my life miserable) named Gage, who is 10. My parents are Michael and Natalie Rose, who were high school sweethearts. I am 16 and am currently in my junior year at Sweet Valley High.

Now, one thing that is different about me than most 16 year olds would be my romantic life, which basically translates into zero experience in that department. Yep that's right, I'm 16 and I have never been kissed or had a boyfriend. You could call me a freak of nature, but I guess I just haven't had the time for guys. I have always been more concerned about my schoolwork and friends. It just never really bothered me. Sure, I've had my fair share of crushes, but they never turn into everything.

I finally made my way out of my bed and started my usual morning routine. I never knew that today would be the start of something huge in my life.

Once I was ready I made my way down stairs to the kitchen, where I always keep my book bag and purse for school. I made sure to get my phone of the charger before Gage could get to it. No telling what he could do if he got a hold of any information on my phone.

I saw that I had three new texts from Abby, Shane, and Ellie. Abby and I had been friends since basically the second grade. Our seats were assigned right next to each other, and have been best friends ever since. Our looks were so similar, that we have had many people ask us if we were sisters. Of course we only wish we were though. Really the only main different look wise between us is that she has brown eyes, while I have green eyes. Our personalities are polar opposites. She is outgoing, crazy at times, and unpredictable, while I am quiet at first, down to earth, and do things by the book. Being opposites though is probably why we are such good friends to begin with. Her crazy personality balances out my shy one.

Ellie was brought to our 'group' in freshman year. She was new to town and she was having trouble fitting in. Abby and I saw her sitting by herself at lunch and decided to sit down and eat with her. She had that same personality as Abby and it was like we had been friends forever.

Now, Shane is a different story. Shane and I had been best friends basically since we were in diapers. Our parents were best friends, so our parents always had 'play dates', which was basically code for lets talk while the kids play. Shane has always been there for me before I met Abby. He always had my back when something bad happens; he was my shoulder to cry on, my rock. Even though I'm best friends with Abby and Ellie, Shane is the one I have always relied on. It just seems natural, like breathing.

Before I could even open the texts I heard Abby's car honking outside in my driveway. Okay, so you might be wondering how Abby can have her license already. Well, the thing is Abby, Ellie, and Shane are a year older than me. See the thing is, I skipped a grade, first grade to be exact. When I was in Kindergarten, I was always ahead of everybody else. Apparently the school faculty thought that I was way to smart for my current 'class', so they held a meeting with my parents and they decided the best thing for me would to be to skip first grade. They wanted me to reach my full 'academic potential' in their words. Of course I was overjoyed that I was going to get to skip first grade, because then I would be in Shane's grade. So now I am the youngest in my class and have the highest grades.

I made my way to the front door, but stopped and retrieved my winter coat. Once I had it on I walked to the front door and opened it and stepped outside. The cold February air hit me with full force, it was winter in Sweet Valley, Michigan and you could tell. I saw Abby's silver Volvo out in the driveway and made my way over to it.

Abby was waving frantically to me behind the wheel; she must think that we were going to be late or something. See everyday Abby picks all of us up and takes us to school. She had her license the longest, so it makes sense.

I was always the first that was picked up in our carpool. Abby only lives a couple of houses down the street. Ellie and Shane just lived a couple miles down the road. It was always convenient that we lived pretty much in the same neighborhood. It always made any breaks from school fun.

Abby's Volvo was what every teen wanted in a car. She had orange fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror; because she claims that orange is her 'lucky' color. Even her license plate was personalized, which read 2cute4u. The inside of her car though was a completely different story.

Okay, so most teens cars can be disgusting. Abby's car was the complete opposite of that. Her car was completely spotless. Ellie, Shane, and I are convinced that she cleans it every other day, but we don't have any proof to back it up though. The interior of the Volvo looks like it just came from the store brand new. There wasn't anything out of its place, not even a CD was out of order. We are all convinced that she has O.C.D, and have even given her books on how to 'help' her as jokes.

I opened up the passenger door and slid in. Before I could even get my seatbelt on I was hit with Abby talking frantically to me.

"There you are! I thought that I was going to go in and have to drag you out myself. What did you do get into another fight with Gage again? He really isn't as bad as you think Liz."

Gage always had my friends fooled. He may seem sweet on the outside, but inside he was an evil little 10 year old just waiting to find some way to make my life miserable.

"Abby, I am only a couple minutes behind, which isn't enough to be late. And no, I didn't get into a fight with Gage today; in fact I haven't seen him all morning."

"Good, because you really don't need to get your phone taken away again. It really sucks not being able to text or talk to you for days.", Abby replied with rapid force, when she was stressed she talked extremely fast.

Every time I got into a fight with Gage, my mom just had one punishment for me-take away my cell phone. It's like she knows that she is taking away my life-line to civilization. It's miserable not being able to talk to your friends for days on end, just because you happen to get into a fight with your brother.

Abby pulled out of my driveway and started towards Ellie's house. Ellie was always the second one that was picked up during our carpool.

Abby turned into the driveway and honked the horn as violently as she did when she was at my house. For someone who was so carefree and outgoing, it was pretty weird how Abby always hated to be late.

I heard the front door slam, and looked up to see Ellie's 5'2 figure walking down the pathway. Ellie was short and pixie-like to the extreme. She had platinum blond hair and baby blue eyes. Guys would line up just a chance to take her out on a date but she turned them down. Saying that she would know when the right one would show up. Abby thought it was crazy, but I thought it was sweet and romantic.

"Gosh, I wish she would hurry up! We are going to be late to Shane's", Abby said frustrated beyond belief

"Abby, we are only a couple of minutes behind schedule, just chill. Everything is going to be okay, just try to keep calm."

By the time I had finished trying to calm Abby; Ellie had opened up the back door, and was sliding in to her usual seat.

"Hey guys! Have you guys heard about the Masquerade Dance for Valentines Day? Apparently the school is going to be sponsoring it. Everybody has to wear a mask; apparently the idea of it is have everybody meet their 'true love'." Ellie was always up to date on all of the school news.

I toned Ellie out, those dances never appealed to me. They were more of Ellie and Abby's thing. Really I think that it's pretty corny that people think that they are going to meet their 'true love', at some school dance.

Apparently Ellie realized I wasn't listening. "Liz? What do you think of it? We have to go shopping soon for our dresses. We are going to be the hottest people there!"

"It sounds great Ellie, but I'm not sure that I would even want to go. You know that I usually don't go to those things. Maybe I should just sit this one out."

Abby decided that it was time to intervene. "Liz, this is going to be probably the biggest thing besides prom that our school does all year! You can't just sit this one out. For once in your life do something fun and spontaneous!"

"Yea Liz, it's going to be awesome! We will have to go shopping for our dresses and everything! You have to let me do your hair." Of course Ellie would mention shopping.

Sometimes Ellie and Abby thought about fashion to much. They hate that I wear just T-shirt and jeans most of the time to school. It's not that I don't care; I just choose to be comfortable.

"Okay, if it makes you guys happy I'll go. I'll even give you guys' full rein on hair, makeup, and clothes"

The look on their face was priceless when I told them that. You could tell that they didn't see that one coming. I never let them dress me up, and they always jumped on any chance that I gave them.

Abby gained her composure back first. "Ellie, did you hear what she just said?"

"Honestly Abby, I think I'm still in shock from her saying that she was going. Aww! Our little Liz is growing up! I could cry."

Ugh! I hated it when they started a conversation like I wasn't even there. Luckily, Abby was pulling into Shane's house, so maybe he could save me from a conversation of 'which dress Liz should wear'.

Liz pulled into Shane's driveway and honked the horn for the third time today. She must be distracted about the dance, because she wasn't saying anything about being late anymore, and I couldn't be anymore grateful.

Looking up at the front of Shane's house, I saw shutting the front door. Shane had dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He had a pretty lean figure, yet muscular at the same time. I guess that's what playing five years of football as running back will do that to you though.

He caught my eye walking down his walkway and smiled at me, and I returned the gesture. It was like our morning ritual, Ellie and Abby thought it was sweet.

Shane had reached the Volvo and had opened the door and was sliding in. He sat in the seat directly behind me, and buckled his seat belt. I finally noticed what he was wearing. He had on his favorite Hollister shirt and his black converse on.

Ellie and Abby didn't even notice that he was in the car, since they we still wrapped up in their conversation about the dance. Shane seemed to notice that something was up, and decided to ask me since I was the only one who had actually noticed him.

"What are they talking about? They're talking way to fast for me to even get what they are saying."

"The school is having some Valentine's Day dance. Everybody has to wear a mask and dress up; needless to say I'm not looking forward to it. I gave them free rein on getting me ready, and they are taking it to the next level."

Shane had the same shocked face as Ellie and Abby, when I first told them that I was going. Was it really that surprising; judging by their faces I think so.

"You are actually going to go? Wow! What did they do to convince you, threaten to take away your books?" he said with a laugh.

Okay, let me just say that I am a total bookworm. I read so many books in school; I can't even start to remember which ones I have read. People I don't' even know have came up to me and asked me what is a good book to read.

"No, I just decided that it might be fun to do. You never know maybe I will end up meeting my true love and they will sweep me off my feet."

Shane's amused expression faltered when I said that. I was going to ask him why, but Abby had pulled out of the driveway and was heading off to school.

I turned around in my seat and waited out the ride till we arrived at Sweet Valley High.

Author's Note:

Hey guys!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's awesome to know that people are actually reading my story!

Okay, so I'm Madi Rae Cullen and this is my first attempt at writing a story in general. If you happen to notice any mistakes I missed please tell me. You can only become a better writer by fixing problems in your story and taking other's opinions into consideration. So please tell me what you like and don't like. I have the next chapter written out so expect an update sometime tommorrow.

-Madi Rae Cullen