"Liz! Unless you want to get burned, sit still" Abby said, grabbing my shoulders and pulling my back against the chair once again.

We were all in Ellie's massive bathroom getting ready for the dance. I was sitting in a chair they had gotten from the kitchen while Abby was trying to curl my hair for me. As she was curling it, Ellie was working on my makeup. It felt like she was putting globs of the stuff on my face, but I knew she would make it look amazing. I just hated having it done to me.

"There! Finished!" Ellie shrieked, standing back to admire her work. They had already done their own makeup and hair, saving me for last. They both looked amazing in their dresses. Both had their hair pulled up in an elegant up-do, complete with their four inch high heels. How they could even walk in them was beyond me.

"Don't let her see herself yet, I'm almost finished." Abby said to Ellie. I could feel her pulling my hair back and pinning it up, leaving it halfway down.

"Okay now you can see yourself."

Taking in a deep breath, I stood up out of the chair with my heels on. Walking over to the full length mirror on the bathroom door, I was shocked with what was waiting for me.

I couldn't believe my reflection that stood in front of me. This girl was standing in an elegant red dress and makeup looked amazing, showing off her eyes. The hair was curled completely, and was fastened back, leaving most of it down.

"W-wow," was all I could manage to get out.

"Ellie," Abby said coming up from behind me. "We're geniuses."

"Tell me something I don't already know," Ellie laughed, putting away the makeup that was on the counter top.

"So you ready to meet your mystery man Liz?" Abby questioned.

Sighing, I turned away from the mirror to face her. "Honestly, I just don't know. I wanna' know who it is, but I only like Shane."

Shane wasn't going to be riding with us to the dance. He told us that he needed to get something set up, so he was going to take his own car. I would have to find him there, and that meant I wouldn't get to spend very much time with him.

Ryder also was going to meet us there. Instead though he was going to meet us out front, that way he could walk Ellie in.

"Things will work out Liz, they always do," Abby said, trying to console me.

"I can only hope Abby."

"So you guys ready to go break some hearts?" Ellie asked, breaking up mine and Abby's conversation.

"Why of course!" I said.

The school's gym looked absolutely breathtaking. That was the only word for what the student council had done with it.

Streamers, balloons, and banners lined the gym actually making it look presentable. What was really cool though was the makeshift dance floor that they had done. Lights lined the outside of it as couples danced. Mostly everyone was out on the dance floor, but some people were sitting at the tables talking amongst themselves.

There was one person though who didn't seem like they were having a fun time.

Emma and her groupies were sitting at the table the furthest away. All of their dresses barely passed their butts, and I was surprised one of the faculty hadn't said anything to them yet. Looks like Emma's ride at the top of the food chain was finally over with, I couldn't of been any happier.

Ryder and Ellie didn't leave the dance floor once as soon as they walked into the gym, leaving Abby and me by ourselves. We didn't mind though, they looked so happy together.

I was searching for Shane as soon I got there, but still hadn't had any luck in finding him. A couple of guys came and asked either Abby or me to dance, but I stayed where I was at. I wanted, no needed to find Shane.

But sooner than I would of liked it to, 10:00 came around before I knew it.

"Are you going?" Abby asked me.

"Yeah," I said, handing her my cell phone. "If you see Shane will you tell him to wait her for me?"

"Umm…sure," she said smiling. "You go have fun, and I want the details later."

"I doubt there will be any to give Abby."

"You never know Liz, you never know," she told me smiling. Almost like she knew something I didn't.

I gasped figuring it out. "You know who it is don't you!"

Abby just nodded her head, bring her fingers across her lips, telling me her lips were sealed.

Knowing that she wasn't going to tell me who it was, I starting making my way towards the auditorium.

Walking down the hallways, the school had never felt so empty before. Everyone was in the gym, and there wasn't anyone in sight. My high heels clicking across the tiled floors were the only thing that I heard.

As I approached the auditorium doors, I took a deep breath preparing myself for what was about to come. Opening the door slightly I couldn't believe my ears. Playing was a song that…

No way.

This had to be a dream I thought as I opened up the doors. Walking down the hallway I turned the corner to where the auditorium stage and seating was.

I couldn't believe what was waiting for me.

Shane was standing on stage in a tux, flower in hand, with a CD player right beside him. Playing in it was a copy of the mixed CD he had given me last month.

Taking it all in I brought my left hand up to my mouth, completely shocked. There was no way this was happening this had to be a dream.

Shane was the secret admirer.

I started walking towards him, and he jumped off the stage meeting me halfway in the middle of the main aisle. I couldn't help but think of how handsome he looked as his green eyes meet mine.

"You look so beautiful Lizzy," Shane said, reaching out to intertwine his left hand with my right. I couldn't be any happier at the moment.

"You don't look to bad yourself," I told him, smiling at him.

"Thanks," smiling he took another step forward, our bodies almost touching. "I guess you know now that I was the admirer. But before you say anything, or make a decision can you at least let me explain first?"

I gave him a nod, knowing that I would be able to trust my voice.

"Liz, I've always loved you. Ever since we were little kids, I've always felt like this. As we got older I figured I would tell you, but we were best friends. I just didn't know how you would take it. I would have taken being best friends with you then you rejecting me and us growing apart."

I couldn't help but feel the same way in my mind. I felt like he was voicing my thoughts from the past week.

"So I kept quiet, us closer than ever, but I knew I would have to tell you. So, I came up with the idea of the flowers from my mom, who helped me out. Honestly, I was quite surprised that you didn't put those two together since you knew my mom loved to garden. I had to tell Abby and Ellie about it when Emma sent that text out. They found the flowers at my house."

I didn't interrupt him as he mentioned the girls. Sure, I wish they would have told me, but it all worked out in the end. I would have a talk with them tomorrow.

"Then Cam came along, and I couldn't figure out if you liked him or not. And then the party came and I saw you kissing him. Seeing you lose your first to the guy who I couldn't stand the most. I felt like a knife was shoved right through my heart."

"You kind of owe him now Shane," I whispered.

Shane looked down at me, his eyebrows furrowing together. Reaching out he tucked a stray hair behind my ear. "What do you mean Liz? I don't see how."

"Him kissing me was what made me realize how I feel about you." I said, looking up into emerald green again.

The smile that I loved so much crossed his face when he heard this little piece of information. He let out a humorless laugh at the situation and squeezed my hand. "Well, I hate that it happened that way, because I saved my first kiss just for you. It's always been you Liz."

I gasped at Shane telling me he had saved his first kiss for me. For me. Shane had had a few girlfriends before; I figured he had kissed them. Apparently not.

Shane looked down at me to make sure I was alright, hearing me gasp. We stared at each other for a couple of minutes before he continued.

"I love you Lizzy. I always have and always will."

Looking up into emerald green, I said what I've wanted to tell him since Sunday. "I love you too Shane."

The smile that I loved so much was on his face as I told him that I loved him. Pulling me closer Shane leaned down and connected his lips with mine softly.

This time though, instead of fighting it like I did with Cam, I was kissing him back. Shane's hand that was holding mine came up to rest on my cheek, and I found myself leaning in closer to him.

Sooner than I would of liked, Shane pulled back giving us a chance to breath. His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me to him, embracing me. I never felt happier, and more secure than I did in Shane's arms. I was in the right place, where I belonged.

"So what was in the bag?" I asked him, remembering that bag he wouldn't let me open at the mall two days ago.

I felt Shane's laughter go through his chest as he remembered what I was talking about. "Just something I wanted to get you."

"You didn't have to get me anything Shane," I whispered, pulling back to look at his face.

"I wanted to, so don't object. Okay?" he asked me. "But before I give you that, I want to give you the last flower."

Reaching behind him, Shane grabbed the red tulip from the edge of the stage, his other arm not releasing me. Handing it over to me, I noticed something right off the bat.

"Why is it fake?"

"My mom helped me pick this one out. It's fake because it means that I love you forever Liz."

I was the one to kiss him this time. Leaning up, I brought my hands behind his neck pulling him down to my height. Even with the heels on he was still a good couple inches taller than me.

This one was shorter than the first; since Shane pulled back wanting to give me what was in the bag the other day.

Leaning his forehead against mine, Shane reached into his pocket pulling out a medium black jewelry box, handing it to me.

Breaking contact from his emerald green eyes, I looked down and opened it up. Sitting there was the most gorgeous silver charm bracelet I had ever seen. There was only one charm on it though, a small heart shaped pendant. Getting a closer look, I realized that it read I Love You -Shane.

I felt a few tears make their escape down my face at the sight of the bracelet. They were tears of happiness though.

Gently wiping the tears off my face, Shane reached for the bracelet grabbing it from its box. Getting my right wrist placed the bracelet onto it.

"Happy Valentine's day sweetheart," Shane whispered, kissing me on the forehead.

Author's Note:

It's finally over! It's such a bittersweet moment, it's going to be depressing not writing this anymore. But there will be an epilogue soon!

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