I watch her as she climbs up the window. She is weeping and shaking. I feel a touch of guilt for what I wanted to do. I crept out of my hiding spot a little to get a better view.

Ahhh. I sighed as she finally made her way into the room. Naive little girls I thought. I moved closer feeling lucky that her window shades were open.

I watched her undress. By the time she got to her shirt, I couldn't take the burning ache anymore. Her neck looked so appeasing. I could feel the venom in the back of my throat aching to spread through her veins.

Before, I could take action she stepped into the shower shutting the curtain blocking my view. I sighed with defeat and got back into my hiding spot. "Only three more hours till daylight. Then I can set my plan into motion." I said wickedly. For the time being I searched the perimeter of her high school.

Once I got inside I headed for what looked like the main office.

How easy peasy I thought as I popped open the door. I paused for a minute when I saw a light flash on. I crouched sensing danger near. The door popped open and I scurried behind the desk and waited.

A man in his forties looked around searching for something. He was about 5'6 in around maybe 200 pounds. He looked Mexican and suspicious with his dark almond eyes and wary glance. Taking another glance at his clothing I guessed he was trespassing.

I stepped out my hiding spot and rushed at him. He was clearly surprised by my attack and fell backwards. I pulled him up and threw him against the wall. "Who are you working for" I asked picking him up by the throat. "I…I cant breathe." he stuttered. I looked at him abashed but then remembered what I was here for.

I let him go and began throwing questions at him. "Who sent you? Where are you from?" and most importantly "Why are you here?". And for each question in return he looked down at his collar button and didn't respond. I hid a groan for what I was about to do.

Before even thinking about it again I ripped him off the floor in one quick movement and threw him on the ground. Hard. He screamed and withered in pain. I looked out the blinds looking to see if his racket had caused any attention.

When I turned back around, he was nowhere to be seen. I ran outside and spotted him ambling toward a white van. I smiled, up for the challenge and chased after him. I caught up to him in a matter of seconds swinging him backwards so I could get a good view of the van and its passengers.

Inside, I saw three other men unobvious to me and there partner. I hurried back to the office and became irritated. I was now stuck with an unconscious man whom I had no idea of who he was and why he was unconscious and a bad feeling.

I sat down feeling a wave of confusion coming over me while I was trying to decipher what was going on. I looked over at the unconscious man and felt an wave of anger coming over me. Why couldn't I have just come, get the info I needed on her and leave.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I grabbed the man by the neck and began to suck his blood. Hard, and fast to help cure the ache in my throat. By the time I got done it was dawn. I was surprised that his friends didn't come looking for him but instead of thinking to long on it I dug him a whole in a grave on the way to my hiding spot and tried to put last night….well I really should say this morning behind me.