The next morning, I was awakened by the sunlight blazing through my window. I looked over at my alarm clock wondering why it hadn't rung yet and had to take a double take. It read 8:50. I jumped up stumbling half backwards.

I went over to my closet rubbing my bedhead trying to put my thoughts together. Had I really killed that guy last night. I could hardly remember anything expect it was dark and he was trying to hurt me.

I hopped in the shower and took a long steamy shower to untighten the muscles in my shoulders. I got out quickly and dried off. When I looked in the mirror I barely recognized myself. My skin was so pale that I looked part abalone. My dark brown hair now shimmered to the top of my thighs. I looked closer in the mirror and recognized that my cheekbones were higher and looked outstanding.

I quickly dried my hair and went to decide on an outfit. I finally decided on a green tank top and a loose fitted pair of cargos. As for footwear I just threw on some black on black converses and kept it moving.

I rushed down the steps surprised to see my mother sitting down sipping coffee. "Good morning" she said clearly in a good mood. "Uhhh…mom" I hesitated. "Yes sweetie" she answered nonchalantly. "Aren't you supposed to be at work" I asked unsure of why I was even looking at her now. "Baby" she said calm but with a wary glance. "It's only 7:30" she laughed weakly looking at me like she thought I was losing my mind. "It is" I said now confuzzled. I could have sworn my clock said 8:50 when I woke up. "Yupp. Yesterday was daylight savings day and anyway you don't have to be at school until 11:00" she said while I looked at her flabbergasted. "Today was the 11th graders SAT's" she said and I finally understood.

Instead of looking around the house like I didn't know who it belonged to I took a seat in the nearest chair. I looked at my untied sneaker avoiding my mothers glance. "You looked different" she said uneasy. I'm not the only one who noticed I said to myself. "Yea I guess so" I muttered avoiding her eyes. The truth was I didn't know what happened over the night nor the night before.

She got up and came closer to me and lifted my chin. "You know you can tell me anything" she said probably sensing I had a secret to hide. "I know mom" I said unsure of what secret I had to hide. She took one more look at me and then her smile turned into a pouting frown. "Don't you ever get tired of wearing your hair just plain." she said with a bit if envy in her voice. "No. But I just don't know what to do with it anymore." I said now frustrated. "Oh here let me give it a try" she said as she took a silver comb out of her pocket. "You must've had this all planed out" I said with a wicked smile. "Lighten up. You never let me do your hair after da…" she said stopping short. " Just say it mom. It's okay now." I said remembering how much pain it caused my mom to think about my father.

"It just happened so quickly" she started to so while I soothed her hair. "It's okay. It's okay" I said over and over again. A few minutes of hugging in the middle of the kitchen, she loosened her grip on me took a step back and smiled. "I just wish he was here to see what a fine beautiful young…." she was cut off by the doorbell.

I ran to answer it only to see Danny, my best friend waving at me. I giggled, glad to see that it was him and ran to get my book bag. As I picked up my book bag something sharp fell out. I looked down to see a knife dripping with blood. The smell quickly engrossed me.

I stood breathing in the smell as it brought back memories.

It was dark and quiet as I walked home from soccer practice. I really should've called my mother to pick me up but I hadn't brought along my phone. I crossed over to Upland street and walked up the block pulling my hoodie closer to me. When I reached the corner I ran up the block towards Zoey street. In the middle of the block a man stepped of from behind the car baring his teeth. Frightened I ran but he caught me in no time. He pulled a needle out from his pocket and…

My mom snatching the knife from me and putting it behind her back made me jump out of my revere. I quickly looked up to see Danny eyeing me goofily. I give him in return a guarded smile and rushed him out the door.