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Story will have romance: mainly het and side shonen-ai.

In a world where people are guarded by animal spirits, sporting animal ears and tails, there are some that are rarely born without them. Those "things" are called Plagues and Anastasia Gables happens to be one of them. Transferring to a new school in middle of the year, will Anastasia continue to be treated as an outcast? Or will she finally make friends and discover what it means to fall in love?


The Plague - Chapter 1


It was the middle of the school year and a new student was coming. Gossip was everywhere. A new student in the middle of the school year? What happened to their old school? Was it something bad? So many questions were going around, but only one stood out the most: Are they a Plague?

In this world, people are protected by animal spirits and each person has ears and tails to show which animal is guarding them. Although, there is a very rare time, a time of every blue moon, when one is born without ears and a tail. Those people are called Plagues. Many legends go on about these Plagues, that because they have no spirit of their own, they must take one from another. Although in these times, people aren't as superstitious, they are still cautious, and the Plagues are left alone, as outcasts.

The classroom was loud. Everyone was up and about, talking about the new student that was coming today. Some were even at the door window, trying to peek out into the hall where the teacher was talking to the new student. Suddenly, somebody yelled, "It's coming!" and everyone hurried back to their seats, as if they had never moved from them. The door opened and the teacher came in, his bushy raccoon-dog tail swishing nervously, and stopped behind his desk to turn towards the class. "Class," he said, pushing up his circular glasses. "Our new student has arrived. Please give a warm welcome to Miss Anastasia Gables." He motioned towards the door and everyone's heads turned. It opened slightly for a moment, then slowly opened more and more until the figure was finally able to come through. Everyone seemed to twitch and their hair stood on end. The new student was a small girl whose lip biting and blushing only added to her cuteness, but what everyone stared at, was her head. No ears, no tail. She was a Plague. Everyone's eyes grew wide and their excitement grew weary. Anastasia's hands shook, she was even more scared than they were. "As you can see, Miss Gables is not like the rest of us, but she means us no harm. Her sister and her parents all have spirits and she has yet to take one of them. Please don't treat her wrongly." He turned to Anastasia and motioned her towards a desk in the back of the class. As she walked down the aisle towards it, everyone scooted their desks away and Anastasia bit her lip again, trying not to cry.

The lunch bell rang and everyone ran out the class hurriedly. Anastasia took her time, waiting for the teacher to leave. She didn't want to go to lunch to see everyone run away from her. She'd rather just be alone in the class. There was another student still in the class as well, a look of annoyance on his face. He walked up to the teacher, who was sorting out papers and slammed his hands on the desk. The teacher started and fixed his glasses back into place, looking at the student with surprise. "Why, Mr. Skobelov, what is the meaning of this?"

The student's tail waved back and forth and his cat ears twitched at the question. "What's the meaning of this? What's the meaning of talking about Annie like that? She didn't deserve any of what you said!" The student's voice seemed to grow with each word, he was terribly angry and for what reason, Anastasia could not comprehend, and who was this Annie?

The teacher stood up, towering the student, and stared down at him with confused anger. "I don't know what you mean, Mr. Skobelov. I have done nothing. All I did was introduce Miss Gables to the class, and nothing more."

The student gritted his teeth and glared at the teacher. "Nothing more? Nothing more! You called her out! The other students were already afraid of her since she has no spirit, and you added to the fire!"

He slammed his fist on the desk and made the teacher jump. The teacher righted his glasses once again and straightened his jacket, trying his best to look superior. "I extinguished the flame. Did you not hear me? I said she meant no harm to anyone, that she never tried to take a spirit and that the students should treat her well."

The student shook his head, "No, you did not. You talked about her just as the legends have said and now the students are more afraid of her. You treated her as if she was a disease floating around that the students should take caution of!"

The teacher raised his brow, "What are you getting at, Mr. Skobelov?"

The student gritted his teeth harder, though it didn't look as it were possible, and talked between his teeth. "Are you deaf?" he said and stopped a moment as if waiting for an answer, then shouted out, "YOU DIDN'T TREAT HER LIKE A HUMAN!" The teacher jumped and staggered back, clutching at his chest, as if he was shot at. Then the student walked towards Anastasia and took her by the hand, dragging her out the classroom, leaving the teacher in disbelief.

Anastasia was confused. Never before has anyone stood up for her like that, she was trying her best to even think it a mistake, but then why was the student dragging her down the hall? She thought it over for a few minutes but couldn't take it anymore. She stopped in her tracks and the student stopped too, looking back at her, confused. Anastasia looked down, her lip was trembling. She didn't know how to start, but then the student laughed and made her jump, "Oh, sorry. Where are my manners? My name's Liam, nice to meet you." He held out his hand and smiled. Anastasia looked at him a moment, savoring the only kind smile she's ever gotten and took his hand, smiling too. Liam's smiled widened at this and he pulled a bit at her arm. "Shall we go to the lunch room?" Anastasia stared a moment, thinking. She still didn't want to see everyone run away, but if someone else was with her, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She nodded and Liam led the way. When they came to the doors to the lunchroom Anastasia clenched her hands, making Liam turn to her. "Don't worry," he said in a soothing voice, "I won't let anyone bother you." These kind words made Anastasia smile and she followed him into the lunchroom.

When they got in, everyone turned their heads to them, even the faculty, but Anastasia just stared ahead at Liam and kept walking. They stopped in the lunch line and Liam ordered for her, knowing she wouldn't be able to speak. They went to an already empty table so no one would have to run away from them, though the ones sitting at the nearer tables scooted away a bit. Liam gave them a cold look but smiled at Anastasia, "So, your name's Anastasia? That's quite a pretty name." Anastasia nodded and Liam smiled slightly, a little disappointed she hasn't talked yet. "So…" he started, thinking of something to say. "You don't mind if I call you Annie, do you?" Anastasia shook her head and continued eating silently so Liam did the same.

When lunch was over everyone walked slowly back to class. Liam was holding Anastasia's hand, swinging it back and forth, which made everyone stare confusedly. The class went by like normal, although the teacher seemed a bit agitated, which made Liam snicker now and then. When class was over, Liam held Anastasia's hand again and asked her if he could walk her home, and though she hesitated for a moment, Anastasia nodded.

When they were alone, Liam let go of her hand. Anastasia was confused since, as she's heard, guys would hold a girl's hand alone but let go of it at school, but this boy was doing the opposite. She stared at him for a while, though she didn't notice. Liam looked back at her and she quickly turned away, embarrassed, but he smiled and said, "You're wondering why I'm helping you, huh?" Anastasia looked back at him, surprised, but nodded. "Well, why wouldn't I? You're no different from anyone else. Just because you don't have any ears or tail doesn't mean you're a monster." Anastasia flinched at the sound of "monster". She's heard it so many times before, but she still wasn't use to it. "You're a nice person, Annie, I can tell. So why should I be mean? There's no reason at all." Anastasia smiled a little at this and it made Liam smile too. "From now on," he said. "We're gonna be good friends."


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