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In a world where people are guarded by animal spirits, sporting animal ears and tails, there are some that are rarely born without them. Those "things" are called Plagues and Anastasia Gables happens to be one of them. Transferring to a new school in middle of the year, will Anastasia continue to be treated as an outcast? Or will she finally make friends and discover what it means to fall in love?


The Plan - Chapter 9


Liam and the President waited outside, hoping that Weylin would be able to do something, but even after just a little while Liam started to swing side to side in anticipation. "Prezy," he said. "Can't we go up yet?"

The President sat under the tree, counting out minutes in his head. 5 minutes. "It's only been 3 minutes; we have to wait two more."

"Why?" Liam whined. "What if Annie needs our help and Wey is being a perv? C'mon Prezy!"

He shook the President so hard his glasses fell off. When the President picked them up again he hit Liam on the head. "One minute! And stop calling me Prezy, my name's Bruce."

"Bruce?" Liam said and sat the next minute without complaint, humming to himself. When Bruce said it was finally up, he ran for the doors like lightning. He ran up the steps, slipping once or twice, but fell back when he tried to turn down the hall and ran into Weylin. "Weylin, what happened? Where are you going?"

Weylin turned away from him and stormed off, almost knocking over Bruce as well. Bruce adjusted his glasses. "What's his problem?"

Liam stared after Weylin a moment then ran down the hall to the classroom. Anastasia was curled up in the corner, the shoulder of her uniform shirt was torn, and she was crying. Liam's eyes widened as he looked around the room and the desks and chairs were overturned. "Damnit," he said through his teeth and ran over to Anastasia. "Annie! Annie! Are you alright?"

Bruce ran over as well, clearly angry. "Did he hurt you? If he did, I can easily report him to the principal!" He looked around the room. "Actually, I can report him for this whole scene here."

"No!" Anastasia shouted suddenly, but caught herself and gasped, surprised. "N-no, it's ok. I'm fine."

"But what happened, Annie?" Liam asked, impatiently. "Your shirt's ripped, the tables are turned over, and you mean to tell me he didn't do anything to you?" Anastasia didn't answer and Liam took her by the hand but she wouldn't budge. "C'mon Annie, I'm gonna take you to the nurse."

Anastasia shook her head and got up. Her hands were shaking. "I'm going home." She pulled up her torn sleeve and walked out the room.

Bruce looked at Liam but he was staring at the ground. "Aren't you going to go after her?"

"Why should I?" Liam said in such a sad tone that Bruce wouldn't have expected it from the guy who tried to hug him that morning. "She wanted to go. She didn't want any help, so why should I still help her?" He sighed. "If she needs help, she'll call most likely. She said it herself, I'm her best friend and she doesn't have any other friends. Who else could she go to?"

Anastasia ran as fast as she could when she got outside. She ignored the stares and whispers from the students she passed, even the laughter and mocking from Claire, and ran on and on. She didn't stop, even when she heard a voice calling her, even when she passed her house, even when she passed the lounge, she didn't stop until she was at Liam's house. She was out of breath and she hesitated at the door, thinking about last night again and what Duncan had told her when he was walking her home:

"Listen," he had said, with the most emotion she'd seen on his face that night. "If Weylin ever does anything to you again, come to me. Tell me everything, I'll make sure you'll be ok and that Weylin gets what he deserves."

Anastasia, of course, didn't want a fight, but if Duncan could really make her feel better, she had nothing to lose. She picked up her hand to knock, but her hand was still shaking. She bit her lip to hold back the tears and fell to her knees, weeping. Without her noticing, the door opened and Duncan bent down by her, smoking a cigarette. She looked up as he was just flicking it away and he pulled her head to his shoulder. Suddenly, she started to sob uncontrollably, like all the tears she's ever shed were never enough and she was holding more back all these years. Duncan held her there for a while before her crying went down, then he picked her up and brought her inside. He set her on the couch and brushed her hair back. "What happened?" he asked in his usual unemotional voice.

"I," she sobbed, "can't tell you."

"But you want to, right? That's why you came here." Anastasia nodded and Duncan lay back, putting his hands behind his head. "Then tell me."

"I can't." She sobbed again.

"Why not?"

"You and Weylin are friends aren't you? I," She gasped for air. The crying left her almost breathless. "I don't want you to fight."

"Isn't it friends who are suppose to stop other friends from doing the wrong things? Judging by your torn shirt and crying, I'm sure whatever I do, it'd be good for him." He pulled out another cigarette and lit it.

It took Anastasia a minute before she finally spoke. "He came in, wanting to apologize for what happened last night..."

"Anastasia," Weylin said, breathing a bit hard from running. He began saying how sorry he was until he saw the look on her face. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked.

Her face was a mix of fear and anger, but the fear was mostly evident especially when she spoke. "Why shouldn't I?" Her voice trembled. "You tried tricking me into a kiss, you let out my secret in front of a crowd of people even though you know I was trying to hide it, and what have you done to Liam, huh?" Tears started forming in her eyes. "He went to talk to you and hasn't come back. He'd never let you talk to me alone. Did you hurt him or-"

Suddenly a desk crashed to the floor and Anastasia jumped up, wide eyed. Weylin's fists were clenched and his teeth gritted. "You think I hurt him? Why would you think that?" he shouted.

He took a step closer and Anastasia took a step back. She was shaking. "But…" she faltered and Weylin seemed to get even more frustrated. "You were going to hurt me weren't you? Last night when you grabbed me by the wrist when I tried to run and-"

"I would do no such thing!" He yelled so loud Anastasia put her hands on her ears. Seeing this he looked down and ran his hand over his face, sighing like he was annoyed. "What's wrong with me, Anastasia?" he said and began pacing back and forth around the room, knocking over desks and chairs in his path making Anastasia jumped at each crash. "Why do you hate me so much? All I try to do is get close to you. But you always push me away; you never give me a real chance." He stopped, turned, and began walking towards her. "Why?" he said in almost a whisper.

Anastasia backed up until she was against the wall. "You never give me a chance…to see that I can trust you."

He stopped right in front of her. So close, that she had to crane her neck to look up at him. She was so scared. They stood like that, for probably no more than five seconds, but to Anastasia it felt like hours. Finally, he parted his lips and the next moment he murmured, "I love you." Anastasia gasped and, as if that was his cue, Weylin pulled her close and kissed her. Shocked and confused, Anastasia tried pushing him away, but he wouldn't let her go. She bit his lip and he pulled back, bleeding. He reached for her and grabbed her shirt, tearing it as she pulled away again. He grabbed her with his other hand and pinned her down, breathing heavily and frustrated, but when he saw her terrified face he got back up and ran out the room. Anastasia sat up, trembling uncontrollably, and hugged her knees crying. She sat like that until Liam and Bruce had found her.

Anastasia twiddled her thumbs. She felt embarrassed to talk about that stuff to Duncan, though she'd probably feel the same way talking to anyone. Duncan, still lying back, blew smoke into the air. Anastasia coughed a bit as the smoke reached her and waited a few minutes for Duncan to reply. Finally, he sat up and put the cigarette out in the ashtray. "What an idiot. He's such an aggressive person; I'm not surprised you'd be so frightened. But, seeing as he loves you, I don't think he'd go that far. Even though he seems like a jackass, he can be a pretty good gentleman when he needs to. Hmm," he sighed and looked up. "He probably won't be back for a while either."

"What do you mean?" Anastasia asked.

"Weylin's one of those predictable aggressive guys. He won't come to school for a few days or he'll switch schools altogether, but I bet he'll be back in…3, 5 days top, and try again." Anastasia's eyes widened and Duncan waved his hand. "No, no, nothing like today, he'll be more sincere about his feelings and try the old fashion way. Well, if he's true to what he says, that is." Anastasia looked at him, confused and he scratched the side of his head. "You know if he really loves you."


"Do you want to know if he does?"

Anastasia looked at him and furrowed her eyebrows as if he was crazy. "I don't really care, why?"

"Just asking, it's quite easy, you just have to make him jealous."

"Jealous how?"

Duncan shrugged. "You could go out with another guy for a while and watch his expressions when you flirt with him. If there are any signs of anger or sadness when he tries to ignore you, but seems to keep looking back, or if he's around the guy and he tries not to talk to him, or if he talks too much to him. With Weylin, he'd probably try not to talk to him."

"But I really don't want to make him jealous. I just don't want anything like today to happen again." Anastasia looked down and started to twiddle her thumbs again.

"Then go out with someone. Knowing Weylin, it'd at least make him distanced a little. Although if not, he'd pick a fight with him." Anastasia kept looking down and didn't say anything. Duncan started pulling out another cigarette but put it away when Anastasia noticed. "Sorry, habit. Anyway, if he gets beat, it'll distance him quite a ways away. He'll be too embarrassed to even look you in the eye probably. The fool has a lot of pride." Anastasia didn't say anything and he ran his tongue over his teeth. "Alright, I'll pretend to be your boyfriend."

Anastasia looked at him surprised. "What?"

"You don't want a fight, right? Fine, if I pretend to be your boyfriend Weylin won't stand a chance and he'll be more jealous than ever."

Anastasia stared at him. She was getting hopelessly confused. "I don't want a fight but Weylin won't stand a chance? What?"

Duncan shrugged. "Don't worry, I won't beat him up. I'm just saying that he won't win."

Anastasia kept staring at him, trying to figure out if he was serious or not, but his face showed signs of nothing. Suddenly, they heard the door slam and Liam's voice, "I'm home!" he yelled and a sound like a backpack hitting the floor was heard. He came around the corner and stopped. "Annie?"

"She was just leaving," Duncan said and got up.

Anastasia got up too and walked by Liam, putting her head down, and not saying a word until she got out the door. Liam, in disbelief, looked back at Duncan. "What's going on Dunk?"

Duncan pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a drag and blew into Liam's face. "I'm going out with Anne now."

"What?" Liam shouted.

Duncan smiled and Liam grew wide-eyed. It was rare for his brother to smile, or better yet, show any emotion at all. "Don't worry," he said laughingly. "It's all part of the plan."


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