A Tangle Teen Romance

Ryan Kalhemoto
Kaleb Blaire
Akito Kalhemoto
Leigh Rough
Nathaniel Peter


Erica Spencer
Julia Maureen Tickal
Kayla Whatley
Demi Spencer


Erica first boyfriend and love was Kaleb. Kaleb began to seek an interest in her best friend Kayla and a relationship was built. Mauri's first love is Ryan, a boy whom she meets. While she's in the hospital, Erica meets Ryan the first time through an unexpected encounter and it was love at first sight. Who ever knew he was her ex's best friend.

With each day passing by, times heals and reveals. Let's flip through the pages and read through the lives of a group of teenagers seeking adventure during their summer before their last year of high school as they encounter the daily things all teenagers go have gone through, but not all stories end the same because each chapter is different from every story.