The Someone

So long ago my heart was broken.

But over time I healed.

And now the loneliness has filled me.

The emptiness of my heart was so much worse than the breaking

I want someone, I want you; make it go away.

I want the butterflies and dizzy spells from kisses again; I want it.

Give me your warmth.

I need you more than I know, more than I'll admit.

I don't want my heart to freeze over; I don't want to be carved from ice.

I cannot do this without you, living and breathing.

Whoever you are, wherever you are; come to me.

I want you in my arms, surrounding me, becoming my everything.

Do not make me wait any longer.

Or else I will settle for mediocre.

Time is not something to be wasted, it is delicate.

I don't want to feel the pain anymore.

Take me, breathe me, love me.

Shelter me in your embrace.

Where are you?

My heart aches for all that I am worth.

Without you I shall disappear.

I want my someone, that someone that is there to stay.

But I don't know you yet, or do I?

Come quickly, my heart is fading into the darkness.