The Frustrated Duck

Ducktown Army Base: Six mouths has past since the destruction of the Phoenix and the Ducktown Army was still in recovery. Captain Clinton Yan Duck, or better known as C. Duck, was walking the long halls of the army base. He was very upset to say the least.

"Caption C. Duck!" One of his cadets yelled at him. "I have the reports for the ships repairs, just as you ordered."

"Put the paperwork on my desk." C. Duck all but muttered.

"Another meeting, sir?" The cadet asked politely.

"Does it shows that much?" C. Duck asked with a slight humor in his voice.

"Not at all, sir." The cadet humored him. The hallways of the Ducktown Army Base were all a stainless steel color with bright white lights on the ceiling. The halls were busy with many other cadets, captains, and scientists.

"You better be on your way." C. Duck stated as he approached two huge doors that led to the conference room. "This is no place for you."

"Understood, sir." The cadet said with a slight bow and left the area. C. Duck took a deep breath as he entered the room. There were at least twenty ducks already in the room sitting by a long steel table.

"Glad you finally decided to join us, Captain Clinton." A huge duck said at the front of the table.

"General Grimm, I am honor to be here." C. Duck said in a low voice. "Please pardon me for being late, I was just getting some last minute work done."

"Just have a seat so we can begin." General Grimm said as C. Duck took a seat in the middle of the table.

"How are the rebuilding process proceeding, captain?" General Grimm asked C. Duck

"We are on schedule, sir." C. Duck said neutrally. "However, it will be several more months before we will be back at full strength."

"We do not have several months!" One of other generals yelled as he slammed his wing down. "We are vulnerable to Evil's attacks!"

"It would not had come to this if Evil was taken care of before he became too powerful." C. Duck said casually.

"Are you trying to imply that it is our fault, Captain Clinton?" One of the female generals asked.

"I am simply pointing a fact, I meant no disrespect." C. Duck said calmly.

"Do not get smart with us, Clinton." Another general countered.

"We wouldn't be in this position if Evil didn't somehow obtain the Phoenix." Another one of the female generals stated. "How was it even possible for him?"

"That is still under investigation." C. Duck answered. "We suspect, however, that Dr. Harold Bird, one of former scientists, gave Evil the plans for the Phoenix and laser."

"How was he able to power it?" A general suddenly asked. "All our tests with a large laser were a failure."

"It shouldn't have been possible." Someone else stated.

"It was done with something called the Irodan Crystal. Am I correct, Clinton?" General Grimm asked as he eyed C. Duck.

"That is correct, sir." C. Duck answered.

"Tell me, Clinton, where did this Irodan Crystal come from?" General Grimm asked coldly.

"I already told you that I did not know." C. Duck said with some annoyance.

"I believe it came from a girl name Ra, who is now works in our research department." General Grimm said with a lot of heat. "Surely, she told you something, which is why she is working here."

"Look at my reports and you will see why Ra is now working for us." C. Duck said, slowly losing his temper.

"You should be more respectful, Clinton." One of the generals spoke up. "After all, it is your fault that all this has happened."

"At the expense of being rude." C. Duck said slowly. "How is this my fault?"

"If you would had done your job eighteen years ago, the Phoenix would had been in our control and we could have taking care of Evil and anyone like him with one strike." The general spoke.

"I wrote the report on my search." C. Duck said calmly. "I did not find the notes."

"How do we know that you are not the one who gave those notes to Evil?" Another general countered.

"With all due respect, sir, that is an absurd idea." C. Duck said with more than a little annoyance. "I have proved my loyalty to this army for many years. If I was working for Evil, I would had never allowed the Phoenix to be destroyed."

"Your loyalty has been questionable these last couple of years, Clinton." General Grimm stated. "After all, you allowed that thrill-seeker Duck Duck and his posse to enter the Phoenix and the failure of your mission resulted in the deaths of over one hundred animals during Evil's assault."

"If you are done with me," C. Duck said as he stood up, "I will take my leave now." He said as he stomped out of the room.

"We should keep an eye on him." One of the generals stated. "I can tell that he is not being honest with us."

"There's nothing we can do about him at this point." General Grimm said in contempt "He is the favorite among the Superior Commanders and Primary Generals."

"We cannot allow that cocky little duck to get away with this." Another official stated. "Someone like him doesn't belong in the army."

"I agree, however, we can't do a thing, for now." General Grimm said and began to grin. "But, when he makes a mistake, I will personally be there to clean his beak."

In the Science Lab: "The power converter goes ten inches to the right of the main power matrix." Sara said to the computer screen. The screen became green to show that she was correct.

"Well done, Ra." Jacob Yellowy said with pride in his voice. "Ten out of ten on the advance test. You are becoming quite a scientist."

"I'm learning from the best." Sara said as she smile at her teacher. Jacob was a species known as a human, one of only four in the entire world. He was labeled on Earth, his home planet, as an 'African-American' human, but Jacob stated that such specifics were meaningless in this world. He had a thin built and always wore glasses.

"At this rate, I will not have much to teach you soon." Jacob joked.

"Taking tests and doing the real thing are two different things." Sara said as she ran her wings through her hair.

"Perhaps," Jacob said, "but every journey starts with the first step."

"Where did you hear that from?" Sara asked.

"An old Earth saying." Jacob simply stated.

"How is your training proceeding, Ra?" C. Duck asked as he entered the room.

"It's going well, C. Duck." Sara said with a smile. "I haven't felt so at home in a long time."

"It is what we do." C. Duck said casually.

"How did the meeting go?" Jacob asked the tall duck. C. Duck snorted in response. "That bad, huh?"

"Those old feather bags are such idiots." C. Duck stated.

Sara laughed heartily at the comment. "My dad used to say the same thing when he came home."

"When I become one of the Superior Commanders, the first thing I am going to do is get rid of all those corporal heads." C. Duck said.

"You really should not talk like that." Jacob said as he jerked his eyes towards one of the security cameras on the upper ceiling. "You could be charge with treason for that comment."

"Knowing those fools, they would try it too." C. Duck muttered with venom in his voice.

"Caption C. Duck!" A voice yelled as the door to the lab open. A young cadet ran in and saluted his superior. "The Primary Generals wants you in the main conference room, now!"

"The Primary Generals wants me?" C. Duck asked in surprise. The Primary Generals never calls on him unless there was a national emergency. "Is there another attack by Evil?"

"No sir, I was not given the details." The young soldier answered.

"Then what can it be?" Jacob asked himself.

"More like a who." The cadet said. "Someone arrived at the base and it is apparently someone of great importance."

C. Duck nodded. "I understand." He said as he rush to the main conference room. Whatever it was, it was something that obviously effected the entire kingdom.