The Lonely Ones.

No one wants to be alone.


Face it; No one wants to be sweet sixteen never been kissed. Not even Sammy Carlisle, Trinity Girls School's resident virgin.

No one wants to be called gay either, like Hale Townsend, The guy who "must be gay" because he doesn't date.

So what happens when you mix desperate girl searching for her first kiss, and annoyed boy out to prove he is as straight as a ruler?

Hi everyone!

I've had a rethink about the whole story, and I'm keeping the characters and the main idea, ditching the events and some of the plot (it was horribly done, i think i can come up with a more awesome plot.) I'm sorry to everyone for leaving this story for so long and not doing anything about it!!

Until I finish the PROPER first chapter, I'll leave the old first chapter up, even though it is horrible and stupid for everyone (partly because my cousin threatened me with death if i took everything down.)


Scarlett Cookie