The Lonely Ones.

No one wants to be alone.


Face it; No one wants to be sweet sixteen never been kissed. Not even Sammy Carlisle, Trinity Girls School's resident virgin.

No one wants to be called gay either, like Hale Townsend, The guy who "must be gay" because he doesn't date.

So what happens when you mix desperate girl searching for her first kiss, and annoyed boy out to prove he is as straight as a ruler?

The Desperate One.

This. This right here was cruel and unusual punishment.

I looked over the dance floor of the 1st of many socials held by Scots Boys College exclusively for Trinity Girls School.

It was meant to be a respectable affair, a way that boys and girls get to know each other but no. It turned into a dodgy hall being turned into a makeshift nightclub, complete with strobe lights and heavy techno music, whilst everyone bumped and grinded against each other.

Oh. And did I forget. Kissed. Everyone pranced around kissing like the pros I would never become.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in.

It's okay to be sixteen and not have your first kiss. Totally fine Sammy!

I hummed to myself looking away from all the underage fornication that occurred on the dance floor.

It just frustrated me so much. I mean, it's unfair, seeing everyone around you, your friends, and your family in love and "loosing it" and by it I mean kissing. It just gets to a point where not having your first kiss is cute, and will come soon to sad, pathetic and probably won't ever happen. EVER.

"Sammy?" I turned my head towards my best friend Eva, who had walked over from the dance floor.

I looked as she smiled, and a guy was behind her, waiting for her to be done talking to me.

"Yeah E?" I replied, evil eying the guy behind her; he walked away like the little boy he was.

"Aren't you going to dance? Have some fun? Meet some guys?" She said, dancing and waving me to come with her.

"Nah. Can't dance, plus guys run away when they see the bling on my left finger." I said, flashing the virginity ring that my dad had practically welded onto my finger during the earlier stages of my teen hood.

"Oh come on Sammy. You're not as ugly as you think. Guys will just have to look past that and see the beautiful person you are" She smiled, lifting me up off my ass and dragging me into the epicentre of the "jump-dancing" that was going on.

I looked at her enviously. It was easy for her to say to give out advice.

Especially when she had everything I wanted right now:

A cute/hot/sexy boyfriend. (The kind that made you speak Portuguese every time you saw him smile.)

The green eyed, black haired, tanned Amazonian look.

And an ability to dance without looking like someone had just stabbed you in the leg, hips, feet and possibly arms.

I clapped along to the beat, and let my eyes wonder towards the football players of Scots, they were made up of the fittest and best looking out of the team.

I looked at one, his eyes grey but almost shining, his dark brown hair messed. He looked uninterested and lounged on the chairs as his friends talked to him excitedly.

"Hale Townsend. I swear he is gay. Hot but gay." Eva shouted over the loud music.

"Huh?" I replied, not taking my eyes off him.

"Hasn't dated since year 8. Blames it on studying. You should set your eyes on Blake." Eva came closer, pointing at another guy standing nearby.

He was slightly taller, and had deep blue eyes but jet-black hair. Even his back screamed hot.

"And he isn't gay." Eva smiled.

"Mmm." I replied in agreement.

I didn't know how I was going to get Blake to like me, but I had to find a way. This no first kiss crap is driving me crazy and I'm getting really pathetic.

The Annoyed One.
I rolled my eyes as the guys laughed again.

"Hale man, come on. Loads of girls to get you excited, pretty ones too." Blake said, brushing his hand through his jet-black hair.

"Can't I say No? How many of these girls do you reckon you've had in your beds? I don't need nor want any of that shit right now." I replied, looking at the dance floor.

Now don't get me wrong. They are pretty. But there is really nothing appealing about a bunch of girls that all my friends have had screaming their names at one point and are now continuing to pass around like a joint.

"Man. How could you pass it up? When was the last time you had a date? Are you"- I put my hand up suddenly to stop Blake from saying anymore, I felt my face heat up slightly, specks of anger rushing through my veins.

"I am not gay, and I sure as fuck won't ever be." I said sternly.

"I mean, I wouldn't have problems with it"-

"I am not fucking gay Carter."


"What do I have to do? Find some girl and screw her brains out and tell you every single detail?" I said as all the guys' faces lit up brightly.

I rolled up my sleeves and leaned forward.

"You're not serious are you?" I responded.

"I dunno man. But you're missing out big time and it would be awesome for you to prove to us that you are straight. No offence. But gays are just…" Blake said, not finishing the sentence.

"If you can find one girl you guys haven't touched, I'll do it." I said coolly, leaning back again.

"What about a girl no one has touched?" Carter said leaning closer, the guys looked around each other in confusion before realising who he was talking about. Who was he talking about?

"Even better." I said as eyeing them suspiciously.

All the guys hi-fived and pat each other on the back eagerly, just as if we had won a game or something.

"We have the perfect girl in mind Hale. I've got a good feeling about this." Blake smiled, rubbing his hands together.

"You've got to make the first move." Carter said straight after.

"According to our files. This ones a shy little girl around boys." Tony, yet another friend smiled.

"Oh great can't wait to meet her." I replied sarcastically.

I looked away. I don't want a new girl. I don't want it to replace her.

"Who's her?" Blake said.

"What?" I replied in shock.

"You just said something about her." He replied.

"Oh. I mean can't wait to meet her, and get things started" I smirked fakely.

"That's the spirit Hale!" Carter clapped, the rest of the boys hooting loudly.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Just pay whoever it is off and make it seem like your dating to the guys. Then you won't ever betray her.

Yes. That's exactly what I'll do.

"Maybe we should show him now?" Carter said, elbowing Blake in the side.

"Yeah. Give her the shock of her fucking life. She won't know what the hell hit her." He nodded towards me, smirking.

"Oh she'll know what hit her," Tony smiled "Hale is a big man." Laughing.

"Can we stop with the double entendres and show me the girl already." I replied, interrupting their laughter.

I stood up and brushed myself off, whilst looking at the dance floor for the girl.

"Ok. You know Eva Perkins." I craned my neck to look at her.

She was pretty, had a nice body and long black hair. Not bad.

"Yeah." I replied.

"The girl next to her. Her best friend. You know, no man Sam." Carter laughed.

I looked at No man Sam, she wasn't hot like her best friend but she had good points. I looked at her left hand and breathed out, almost choking on my spit. No man Sam had the 'No man' in her name for a reason; she had a virginity ring.

"A Virgin?" I replied. "She hasn't even had her first kiss for god's sake." I shook my head. "How am I supposed to bring her to the cabin tomorrow?"

The cabin was our holiday house, it was owned by my family but all the guys used it, it wasn't even a cabin; it was a mansion in the upper suburbs.

It was mostly a place where they brought girls, screwed them, and the moved on.

But a Virgin.

That's just disrespectable.

"Look Hale. You'll be doing her a favour. You don't want to be known as the guy who didn't fuck anyone all of his teen years- except for Heather"- I interrupted him quickly before he said her name, but it was too late, a pain shot through my chest.

December 2007

Hale looked down at Heather, tears streaming down his face as he held her close.

"Why?" She choked.
"I dunno." He replied, his voice choked up.
"Say you're sorry…" She said, her breaths shallow.
"I'm sorry" He hiccupped.
"Don't forget me Hale" She replied, lifting her bloodied hand to his face.
Her brown eyes stared straight at him empty as her body went limp.
"I won't forget you." He whispered.

"Just follow me ok?" I replied, moving onto the dance floor, entering the war zone.

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