What never was, what never will be,
What no other eye shall ever see,
What is mine alone and mine to keep
Lies buried so till, so cold, so deep.

Who watched from afar, who longed to express,
Who's desire to love, to hold, to caress
Did ruin her life, cause her untimely demise.
Did forever plant that look of death in her eyes.

To him I am invisible, neither alive nor dead.
Somehow in perfect limbo where no words can be said
Of how my heart longs for him, screams for him, yearns for him.
Cries silent tears, gradually torn limb from limb.

It never entered anyone's head, least of all his,
Of how she could love him, dream of his kiss.
The one in the background, always assumed to be there.
But never given a thought, because he didn't care.

It's not really his fault that he cannot see
How much I love him, want him to love me.
We'll just carry on as we are, "friends" will have to do.
I must watch from a distance, him gone, my life gone too.

At the end of the day, she'll still keep one thing.
The fact that she had loved and lost, that she had lost him.
It's still there to this day, though no words were ever said.
But now there are no tears, no regrets.
She's glad she did it, even though it was unrequited.

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