"…and that is how the wing span affects flight!" The bell rang, signaling the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Students rushed out of doors, gushing into hallways and pouring into the December air. It was the 20th of December, and it was 1999.

The boy our story is focused on ran through the crisp snowy grounds. His boots led him to the school gates, where his group of friends were watching some girls from the Art Department walk past. David sat beside them, lighting a cigarette and rubbing his hands together.

"Stupid professor don't even let us 'ave a fag!"

"You really should stop, David!" he looked up at his girl and let a stream of smoke out of his nostrils. "You promised you'd stop when I did!"

Elsie had a posh BBC accent David loved about her. He put out the cigarette and stood. "Are we goin' to the 'uge party?" his country accent contrasted heavily with hers.

"Yes, we are."


"Merry Christmas, everyone!" Glass chinked, people shouted 'Cheers' in five different languages (amongst them 'Kampai' and 'Eviva'), men kissed their girls and vice versa, everyone was having a good time.

"'Ere, your pressie." Elsie opened the brown box and raised an eyebrow. "I know you aren't all the bright, Dave, but this box is empty…" She looked up at him at that moment and he surprised her by capturing her lips in a short kiss. "Merry Christmas…" Throwing away his pack of cigarettes, he put their foreheads together and she giggled. "Thank you…"


There's really not much to say here...I really wanted to write a little something something in Christmas 2007 and I wrote this during school hours during a particularly boring Grammer lesson. I loved writing David's accent and would like to add something: the two cheers said in brackets are in Japanese (Kampai) and Maltese/Italian (Eviva).