Enjoy reading this. I don't know what catagory this poem really belongs in so I put it in the catagory I put it in xD.

~Inner self~

You say that you are not afraid.
But I am frightened.
You act bravely in front of me
I can tell that you are faking.
You say that you are strong,
and that I am weak.
You are just as weak as me.
Why do you wish to conceal the truth?

You say you are not crying,
and smile.
your tears silently stream down your face
like a river.
You say that you do not know the reason,
but I do.
I feel the same pain as you.
The reason is that
I know you.
I know you and
I know the truth
I am you,
your dying inner self.

I don't know if it's good or not... all I know is that I wanted to try writing something like this. Please Review and tell me if it's good or not. If it isn't, plz tell me lightly. I am very serious about writing.