I know it's short. But it will get longer. I just have to get a feel for the story. :P Read and review! ~Smiles234

It all started out very simple. My story, I mean. I wasn't always a Hollywood movie star. Obviously. But my story is different. Most stars start out in a rich community. Most stars wanted to act. Me… not so much. Anyways, my story is different.

It was sixth grade. My first year when schedules actually mattered. Well, at the time, mine sort of sucked. Algebra, science…. Drama. DRAMA. I don't even remember signing up for drama. I couldn't act. I didn't want to act. Oh, this year was already going great.

When we got to the melodrama portion, I wasn't really excited. We had to write our own scripts. Crap. But it turned out alright. We had the class clown and teacher's favorite. When we performed it to the class, I realized I didn't mind drama. Actually, I didn't mind drama at all.

I tried drama club the next year. I could not have hated it more. Well… you get the point. I thought I would never act again. Bad experiences… bad costumes…

But now I ended up here, starring in as many movies as there are numbers. And so my story begins, with my side… and the one people see.