Do you ever feel alone,
Like no one else is there?
Their hands ice cold as stone,
Their touch lacking care?

Do you ever feel discarded,
With no one by your side?
Do you feel as if your heart
Has been forced to hide?

Do you ever feel wrathful,
Like all the world's the blame?
Is your rage inside a castle
Where you salvage your own name?

Do you ever feel you're beat,
With your knees upon the ground?
Crying on the empty street,
Do you ever make a sound?

Do you ever feel lost,
Like you never found your home?
To live at any cost,
Would you forever roam?

Do you ever feel betrayed,
Like your trust was ill-placed?
Will you ever forget that day,
Those tears or that face?

Do you ever feel watched,
Like a puppet on a string?
Maybe an actor's role botched,
Or a songbird forced to sing?

I doubt you share the sentiment
Of this chill in my bone.
This sentence speaks my lament:
Do you ever feel alone?