With bleeding hands I reach up towards the sun,
Burning in its light,
Trying to fly with broken wings
And with no one to help me

Always a mistake when I try to appease,
Never good enough,
Not doing the right thing,
No matter what I do

And still I cry silent tears with a mask covering me,
Just so I should hold onto pride,
Always biting my tongue,
Drawing blood as I do

With a shove I fall down into the swirling darkness,
Sucked in by hate,
Drawn by sorrow,
And ignoring joy's feeble pleas

I cannot let them know how each nail driven into my back hurts,
For if I scream,
If I try to stop them,
They will turn their heads

I cannot even turn to a close friend here in the dark prison cell,
So far away from home,
Yet so close to the chaos
That devours us all

Driven mad and insane by all of the fake smiles and sweet lies,
What am I to do
Other than rebel
And try to find my way back

Hopefully someone hasn't eaten my trail of bread crumbs
That lead back to my house,
With no tears or fears,
No one to cry for

A patterned shell that has been emptied of anything,
Although it gives me comfort,
It's not the same
As it used to be