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The sun was slowly bleeding it's red-orange heart blood into the inky indigo of night over the Bloody Moon. A rather typical kind of name for a supernatural nightclub. It was in the heart of Super Alley, surrounded by bars -supernaturals only and otherwise, 'adult' shows of all kinds for almost every fetish and kink, and a few other nightclubs. Some for supernatural creatures only. Kat was somewhat of a regular at the Bloody Moon. It was a mix of supernaturals and humans, the tamest club in Super Alley. Not to say it wasn't wild as all get out, just… slightly for the more normal tastes. Plus, it was closer to her apartment. Driving made her nervous and panicky.

No dress codes to follow, either, another epic plus, so Kat was wearing dark, slightly low-cut jeans that hugged her body just right, a gauzy black spaghetti strap top that showed a nice strip of flesh and the onyx, ruby, and silver belly ring that pierced her navel, and her favorite 'fuck-me' boots that gave her legs the inch they needed to be just right for her body, which topped at 5' 8" without them. Her natural ginger hair was free, the silky soft mane hanging a little past her shoulder blades, curling slightly at the ends. It set off her pale Irish skin tone perfectly. She'd painted her nails bright blood red, to stand out and add some color. The only thing that set her apart from humanity was her eyes. The irises were black. Not shallow coal, but deep dark hellish eyes. Eyes that promised despair and pain. Demon eyes.

Kat's boots clicked softly on the sidewalk as she neared the club. Across the street, a line almost curved around the block. Leather Bound was a Dom and Submissive club. Not her taste. Not at all. The thought of being dominated scared the hell out of her. No real reason, just not her kink.

There wasn't much of a line for the Bloody Moon. Besides, she knew the bouncer. She got a few glares as she walked past them and up to Gordon Leos and kissed his stubbly cheek. His lips quirked. He was a werelion and head of the local pride. "Heya, chicka." He let her in and she paid the fee.

Music pounded from speakers and scantily clad bodies immediately were pressed against her. Kat wormed her way past the dance floor and to the tables. She didn't go to the Moon to dance or pick up men, just to watch people. It kept her demon appeased, if not entirely happy. Though voyeurism wasn't exactly her kink, either. She sighed and relaxed in the soft leather of the booth she usually sat in.

It was always interesting here. Just watching the people dance, just barely keeping enough clothes on to prevent actual sex. Which was very much illegal, not to mention kind of creepy/nasty/fucked up. Choose an adjective you like and go with that.

The scent of lust and sweat was almost thick enough to cut. It permeated every cell of Kat's body. Her demon stirred and beat weakly against the wall of humanity she'd built around her. Eventually, the bitch had stopped fighting and withered to the point she no longer cared about breaking out of Kat's body. Which might have been selfish, but it was better than being possessed by the damn thing.

Power washed over Kat in a swirling wave of strength. It took her breath and her heart skipped a beat. It immediately receded, then slowly, tentatively, reached out toward her and seemed to size her up. It was the kind of power only possessed by a Demonio Re. Demon King. Kat slammed up every bit of her power shields, knowing it wouldn't help her, should the Demonio Re decide the hybrid girl's life was worthless.

But he didn't. The power receded. But only for the faintest of seconds.

His presence dominated to room the second he entered. Power wafted from him like a tangible, living thing. It curled around Kat. She could taste the flat metallic taste of her fear on her tongue.

The Re walked toward her, slow, graceful, almost lazy in his power. She averted her eyes. A Re could catch the gaze of a lesser demon and bend them to his will. Or just snuff out their life force and add it to his power.

The man sank easily on the opposite side of the booth. "Katherine." He murmured by way of greeting. Kat kept her face blank and eyes focused on the table, but she dipped her head slightly, acknowledging his power over her.

His demon gave a more personal greeting, sliding along her body, making the muscles in her lower belly clench and heat build between her thighs. Her demon rose and fought against her, trying to get to his power, craving his energy. Kat made a soft little whimpering sound. The Demonio Re's eyes narrowed. "You're killing one of mine, Katherine. You've been very bad, you know."

Fear knotted in her throat, making it hard to breathe. She wondered if it was him, cutting off her oxygen, killing her slowly just because he could. Kat swallowed hard. "Fuck you." If she was going to die, she'd die fighting.

He smiled slowly, lazily. Little flares of fire flickered in his endless black eyes. "Oh, I intend to. You're demon hasn't done anything. It's just the human she was born in who deserves my wrath." He paused. "Look at me, Katherine."

"Why?" It came out shaky and quiet. "So you can kill me?"

"I have no intention of killing you. Just the human shell you've created to abuse one of mine." His voice was soft, gentle. The kind of tone used for pillow talk between serious lovers.

"I'm a hybrid." Kat murmured. "Kill that part of me and the demon dies as well."

He chuckled, but it was bitter, deadly. "I'm a Demonio Re, Katherine. I have powers you couldn't even begin to understand. I could give your demon enough power to sustain herself for eternity. Your last Re didn't bother with hybrids, which is why no one has come calling." He took a deep breath. "I can feel her screaming. Feel her pain. She's begging for energy to keep herself alive, and because you've built a wall of humanity around her, I can't feed her when you refuse." His power flared over Kat, beat at her skin like little pinpricks of heat. "Do you know what species of demon you host, Katherine?" The last sentence was deadly smooth, neutral with the hint of danger.

"No." It was quick and sharp. She wished he'd go ahead and kill her instead of the demented cat-and-mouse game he was playing out.

"Lust, Katherine. You host a demon of Lust. Before the morning rises, she'll be fed. I guarantee you the innocence you've kept and planned on keeping will be gone and you will belong to me."

Kat looked up out of sheer reflex. She stared at him, but avoided his eyes still. "That's pretty high-handed of you." She managed, shocked not that he knew she was a virgin, but that he'd so openly laid claim to aforementioned state of being. She'd die before he touched her in any way but punishing.

His lips quirked. "Me, high-handed? No, lover. I simply speak the truth. Before you see another sunrise, everything that you are or ever shall be, will be mine. You could be my Demonio Regina, Katherine."

Kat froze, very much like a deer facing down the headlights of the car that would end it's life. To be a Demonio Regina was more than a simple title. A Demonio Re did not chose his Regina. Their power brought them together. They were the perfect union of power, of strength. Usually opposites in every way. Two halves of one thing.

The only single creature to be beyond that kind of demonic power was the Re di Inferno. King of Hell. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Lucifer had never taken a Regina. Not to say he didn't have a harem of perfectly willing succubi, even a few incubi, depending upon his mood.

"Sorry, not interested. That would involve touching you, and quite frankly, I'd rather bathe in holy water and brand myself with silver crucifixes."

"Am I truly that repulsive, Katherine? Would it be so horrible to touch me, love me?" His voice was even, neutral. So very calm. Kat realized she didn't even know his name.

"Yes." She whispered, wrapping her arms around herself. Shivering slightly.

"Very well." The Demonio Re whispered into her mind and she jerked her head up. He was gone. Nothing to prove he'd ever been sitting there, stating his claim on her virginity.

Kat had never felt so… alone. Panicky. Almost shocked. Numb, she slipped out of the booth and went home. So very cold and so very alone.

Several Months Later

Kat was dying. No, her demon was dying, dragging her along for the ride. She lay curled in a fetal position on the sterile white sheets of the hospital bed she'd been unable to move from. Her skin was cold, almost icy to the touch. Always before, her core temperature had been higher than a normal human one. Her demon had stopped even trying to beg for her release. All she thought of was Him. The Re. Her demon begged for him. But it was weak and in the last few days, it had faded to nothing.

"Katherine?" A nurse quietly stepped into her room. "Honey, someone's here to see you." She said gently. Kat shivered and whimpered. The door shut almost silently.

"Little Katherine, little Katherine. What are we going to do with you?" Kat didn't know the voice. But it was almost familiar. She knew the voice but couldn't place his name. She made a soft mewling sound and tucked in on herself more. He sighed. "You should have joined with your Re, Kat. He screams from your demon's pain. Rants and raves like a rabid beast until we sedate him. I cannot allow your death, and it is close. Even I am not powerful enough to control a Re after the death of his half-mated Regina. I would have to kill him. Send him to purgatory. I will not do that to my son unless given no other option." Lucifer, the Re di Inferno, the Morning Star, the King of Hell, told her.

Then there was darkness.

Kat awoke, screaming, thrashing, convulsing. When she calmed enough to see straight, a man lay, curled in a ball at the foot of the bed she was laying on. The Demonio Re. Her Demonio Re. King to her Queen. "Re." She whispered hoarsely, and he looked up.

"Dominic." He said softly. "My name is Dominic." Then he disappeared. In the second it took to realize it, his weight was pressing her into the red silk sheets. His mouth crushed hers and Kat's demon came roaring to the surface, sucking down his power and he let her, let it wash over them both. Dominic broke the kiss. "My eyes, Katherine. Please, look at me. Prove that you trust me, lover." He rubbed the words into her mouth, bit gently at her jaw line.

Kat shivered and cupped his face in her hands. Brought his face to hers. His eyes were black. Endlessly black with little flickers of fire, burning deep in the centers. Something deep inside her clicked, the feel and sound almost tangible. The world felt right. For once in her life, everything was right.

"Oh, sweet darkness." Dominic groaned, reaching between their bodies and ripping at the fly of his jeans. Kat realized she was naked. How could she have missed that? She shoved the random thought from her brain as he crushed her lips to his again, rolling on top of her, seeking the entrance of her body. His lips curled against hers. "I told you, Kat." He whispered. "I told you you're innocence will be mine." Then he sheathed himself inside her, burrowing through her virginity.

Kat screamed. Not exactly from pain, not exactly from pleasure. He swallowed the scream with another kiss. Only breaking it to nuzzle her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. Licking, suckling, biting gently. They came together, bodies slamming against each other.

That was when his demon surged into her. Ripping past her humanity, yanking the demon to the surface, binding to two into one. Kat screamed and thrashed, tried to get away, but then her demon essence shivered into place, just beneath her skin, curling happily with his, purring like a petted cat.

Dominic gently pulled his softened body from hers. "My Demonio Regina." He growled, wrapping her in his arms. Kat buried her face against his neck and cried. Cried from everything that had just happened. Everything she had done to her Re and to herself. Cried because she'd never let herself cry, really, truly cry.

Her Demon King kissed away the salty wetness of her tears, held her, whispered soft words in languages she'd never heard before. "I love you, Kat." He breathed in her ear when she finally calmed down.

Without skipping a beat, she mumbled words into his chest. Something that sounded very much like;

"I love you, too."