Summary: Teaulrita "Teaul" Geezer is so clueless, but that's why she has a best friend Tuu McPennal, who is smart and can guide her in the right direction. He can get quite a headache from listening to her nonsense, but he knows she can't help it.

The Adventures of Tuu and Clueless "Teaul"rita

((mini series fiction))

Adventure: Uranus?

(I know that I didn't use the word properly and it doesn't sound that way. I just wanted to make it funny.)

Tuu and Teaul were sitting on the couch, studying for their Science test. Tuu spoke up, "What's the color of Uranus?"

Teaul looked puzzled, "Uh, Tuu, that's a personal question to ask."

"What? No, it's not."

"Yes it is."

"What're you talking about?"

"What are you talking about? Let me guess, my anus, right?"

Tuu started to laugh. "No. Uranus is a planet."

"Huh?" Teaul tried to look at her behind. "It don't look like a planet." She was confused.

"No. Uranus is up in space."

"What? My anus is not in space; it's right here."

"Oh, my." Tuu covered his face, because he was going to laugh.

"Oh, my… what?"

Tuu tried to not laugh but he couldn't help it. He explained the planet to her again, "It's not your butt. It is a planet that's up in space." He opened his Science book and said, "Here. See for yourself."

Teaul looked at the book, and was confused. "O-kay. Now tell me why is my anus in there?"

Tuu sighed. He put his hand over his face and slid it down. "I told you your anus is not a planet!"

"I know that. But why is my butt in the book?" Teaul looked very puzzled.

"What?!" Tuu was getting a headache. He put his hand on his head and said, "You are so cl…" he couldn't finish his sentence.

Teaul stood up and asked, "What were you going say?" She looked mad.

Tuu stuttered, "Uh… you're…"

Teaul had her fists by her side.

"Smart." Tuu finished.

Teaul smiled. "Okay, cool."

"Let's finish studying." Tuu said, quickly.

"I hope my anus is not going to be on the test. I have no clue what it is."

Tuu sighed and just kept focusing on the book.