Why Did ?

Why did my mum have to name me Sherry?

Why did I turn out to be a girl?

Why did I go to primary school?

Why did I fall in 'love'?

Why did Fred say he liked me when he didn't?

Why did he cheat on me?

What's so good about Sarah?

Why did he give me that long lecture when he could've just said no when I asked him out?

Why did Fred have to be the first boy who broke my heart?

Why did I go to Josh when I was heartbroken?

Why did he let me in?

Why did he make me feel better?

Why did I get over Fred the next day?

Why did Fred want me back?

Why did drama suddenly happen in high-school??


Why did Fred move schools?

Why did the new hottie have to come into my life?

Why did I just call him hot when I absolutely hate his guts?

Why did I secretly like him?

Did he secretly like me?

Why did Josh get so angry when I flirted with Jack a little?

Why did Josh no talk to me for the whole of lunch?

Why did Josh just ignore me like that?

Why did my best friend just hate me for a second?

Why did he do it ..For the rest of the week?


Why did my dad have to get a job in the UK?

Why did I have to leave my friends?

Why did I have to leave Josh?


I didn't plan on telling Josh, 'cause he got a new girlfriend to keep him company and I didn't want to spoil the only good thing he had in his life.

Why did he had to get a girlfriend?

Why did I suddenly feel angry?

Why did I feel slightly jealous?

I didn't know who I was jealous of. Josh because he got a girlfriend and I didn't have a boyfriend or Lily because she had Josh?

Why did he have to choose Lily?

Why did he have to start liking someone..when I was beginning to love him?


Why did today have to be the day that I was moving to the UK with my dad?

Why didn't I tell Josh sooner?

Why didn't I tell Josh I loved him sooner?

Why didn't I do anything before the time was now.

I looked at my room, and saw nothing.

Why didn't it look like my room anymore?


Why did time suddenly run faster?

Why did a minute suddenly turn into a second?

Why is the world spinning so fast?

Why did my plane have to come now when it could've came an hour late.

Why didn't it rain or thunder?

Why did I feel a strike of regret?


" Oi, Where's Sherry? " Josh said to Angela.

" ..Like you care. " She mumbled.

"Just tell me where the freak she is. "

Angela sighed.

" She's gone. "

I fell silent.

" Where did she go ? "

"To UK. Her dad got a new job there. Didn't she tell you? "

Why didn't she tell him?

Why didn't she ring him about it?

Why didn't she say goodbye?

"N-No she didn't "

"Sherry said she will..."

"...Is she gone? What time does her flight start? When is it? Now? W-Why didn't she t-tell me? "

"Stop with the questions and chill, " Angela said, finally looking at him with tears in her eyes. " she didn't want to interfere with what you and Lily had. She thought she was just and burden to you. So she didn't tell you. Which is obviously stupid because she li-- that isn't important. Don't worry Josh; you're not the only one she didn't say goodbye to. "

Josh felt a mixture of emotions. He didn't know what to say. Speechless. Zilch. Nothing.

"..Who else did she forget to say bye too ? You guys? "

"Nup. Jack."

I flared inside. " Which Jack? "

" Um..her boyfriend..duhh..boys..so clueless about gossip. " Susie said, mumbling the last part. " He's going to the airport to tell Sherry he loves her now you know. "

I got angry.

Why did that Jack-bitch think he could tell the person I love that he loves her?

" See ya. I'm gonna go now. "

" Where ? "

"..To the airport. "


Why did I wear a metal belt ?

Why did security guards think I'm smuggling something?

Why did this become so annoying !


Why did I see Jack running towards me ?

" Hi Jack. " I squeaked. I hadn't said goodbye to him and he knew it.

" Sherry. I came here to tell you that..I lov-- " Jack said.

Why did I hear my name again?

Why did that voice suddenly lighten my day?

Why did that voice become so melody-ish?

I turned around and saw Josh running, panting towards me.

" J-Josh..? "

" Um..I'm sorry Joshua, but you are butting into our conversation. Sherry, I'm in lo-- " Jack said, although interrupted by Josh again.

" I love you Sherry. Please. Don't Go. "

Why did my world just freeze for a second?

Why did Josh tell me he loved me?

"..I-I love you too Sherry " Jack said, during the awkward silence.

" I'm sorry Jack. I'm sorry J-Josh, but I have to go now. " I finally said.

" Sherry -- " Josh whispered.

The plane going to the United Kingdom is leaving in 2 more minutes.

" Um.. Miss your planes leaving in a second. I advise you to stay here or sit on the plane. " One og the guards said.

" ..I'm sorry Josh I really am. "

" Sherry.."

" Bye "

" No..SHERRY. "

Why did I leave Josh on the floor in the airport ?


Why did Josh say he loved me?

Why did Josh say he loved me when he had a girlfriend ?

Why did Josh say he loved me when he had a girlfriend and he knew he had a girlfriend that I thought he truely liked?


Love is confusing.

Why can't life be like movies? So much simpler.

Why did my dad have to get a job in the UK?

Why did...Why did I have to fall in love with Josh at the wrong time ?

I looked over at my dad.

He obviously saw everything that happened.

" ..Why did Josh and that other boy tell you they loved you ? " He asked, gruffily.

He liked Josh but hated Jack.

" ..Because Josh is in love with me..and Jack loves me. "

It took him a minute to digest the information.

" We're leaving this plane. I'll take that job in the pizza delivery. "

Why did my dad just say that ?

" D-Dad..? "

" Who do you love Sherry ? "

I thought for a moment. My brain said Jack but my heart said Josh.

"...Josh. "

" Then lets go."


Why did it hurt so much?

Why did Sherry have to go?

Why did I make Sherry feel like a toad?

I lay there. On the aiport floor. Why didn't I care that millions of people were staring at me?

Why did I just let the love of my life leave ?

" Why Why Why Why Why Why Why?? " I cried up, looking to the ceiling, clutching my hair.

And there was an angel.

Standing right before me.

" S-Sherry ... " I choked out.

" Joshua Williams. I love you too. " She said, wrapping her arms around my head.

We pulled to a embrace.

Why did life have to be so awesome?



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