I see her standing there, alone,

And I prefer it that way

I tried to talk,

But I ran away

So scared to be alone

If she is so frightened of silence,

Why do I seek it?

I cannot bear companionship,

So why do you envy it?

So secure when you're alone,

Yet afraid when I'm alone

Like a moth to the flame,

And yet a bat to the dawn

Afraid of the light

But dragged into the dark

I have to be alone

You can't be alone

Is it your poison,

Or my addiction?

You can't stop it

In the middle of a tug-o-war,

Being jerked side-to-side

Standing at the threshold,

Trying to decide

Should you enter into a warm embrace of a friend?

Or should I back away and cowardly hide once more?

Either way,

My life

And mine will change