Humor is wonderful. It cures the sadness and dark in our lives. If only temporarily, it conduces a light-hearted outlook of life. Laughter induces us to think better, more sunny, an overall brighter look. It feels good to have it in our lives; I personally live for it.

I find silliness quite funny. In conjunction with flirting, it's enjoyable to the conscious mind. It provokes you think of comebacks and body language. Stupid or pointless laughter and actions are contagious for me. For example, my friend and I look up cheesy pick up lines and laugh about how ridiculous they are. It doesn't take much to make me laugh.

The kind of humor in the play was mostly implied. Since I am slow at getting things, I didn't find it very funny. But sometimes I found the alluring nature of words funny. Algernon acting like Jack, repeating what he says and does, and the random moments collide with my life. "Of course not! What could have put such an idea in your pretty little head!" (Algernon). I found him to be the most contradicting, simple-minded character.

Ignorance is another humorous object in The Importance of Being Ernest. "To what young lady? Good heavens! Gwendolen!" (Algernon) I thought he was purposefully being air headed. Flirting and innuendos were awkward to read, but I believe that they were intended for eye rolls. "Because you are like a pink rose, cousin Cecily." (Algernon) I've come to realize that I found Algernon is the most chuckle-worthy in the book.

Without humor, life would be so serious and incredibly dreary. It would be a dull, tedious task, dragging on without reason, much like love. Laughter triggers happiness and life would be depressing and meaningless. It makes us impetuous and goofy; it relieves our stress and burdens in our lives. Society would be lost and distraught without a little fun in it. It's completely necessary for living.