Caffeine Kisses

Chapter 3

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"Horses?" Noah asks as we walk hand in hand out of school.

"Horses." I agree. "See you there in half an hour."

"Forty-five minutes." Noah tells me, "I have to walk the dog."

"Aw, can't Cheesy come with us? I haven't seen him in –" I beg.

"Two days." He finished. "I'll have to ask Mum."

"Minnie'll say yes, I just know she will. She's liked me since I was a baby." I grin.

Noah laughs.

Minnie used to be my childminder, and now she's Licia's.

I walk with Noah all the way to his house as I get the joy of picking Licia up. She comes hurtling out the door and into my arms.

"It's like dé jà vu." Minnie shakes her head and smiles.

"Only this time I'm not Felicia's mum." I say softly as I pick Licia up.

"Thank goodness." Minnie looks good naturedly as Noah walks passed her.

Are we that good at pretending to be girlfriend and boyfriend that even our own parents have been sucked into the illusion?

I smile reassuringly at her. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye Liza." Minnie waves.

As I walk with Licia in my arms she begins her rambling and muddle account of her day. I pretend to listen and nod when she pauses for breath.



Mum follows me into the house. Tonight she has no kids to look after, normally she goes straight to bed, but today doesn't feel like a normal day.

"Noah, come in here for a minute please." Mum speaks just as I put one foot on the bottom step of the staircase.

I oblige. I might not get on with my mum the way I used to, but I want to know what she has to say now. I sit on the sofa and study her face for tell-tale signs.

"Noah," she begins, not quite able to meet my gaze as she sits in the armchair, "this is going to sound so stupid, but I want you to take it seriously. Liza is from a long line of teenage mothers, her mother, her grandmother, and I know for a fact that her great grandmother was barely out of her teens when she had Felicia, Carmen's mum. I really don't want Liza to be a teen mother too. I know she's turning sixteen in two months, and that you already are sixteen, so it'll be perfectly legal. But I want to be careful, in fact, I'd prefer if you didn't have sex yet."

I try very hard to keep a straight face as I listen, but I find this situation hilarious. I can't help it. My mother thinks I will be having sex with Liza.

Instead of laughing I say, "We'll be safe Mum."

She stands, pats my shoulder and walks off to her room. I sit there, shaking with silent laughter, before I'm pounced on by our big brown and white collie.



I sit in the straw in the corner of Nina's stable. She doesn't mind me, we were born on the same day and we've grown up together.

Noah knows where to find me. I can hear some barking in the distance and I recognise the bark. It's Cheesy, better known as Chester, but I used to have a speech impediment. I let out a quiet whistle and the barking gets rapidly closer.

The collie scratches against Nina's door. I stand up and open it. I'm suddenly attacked with kisses from Cheesy. I make a fuss of him until Noah comes in. He laughs when he sees me practically being mauled by his dog.

I push Cheesy off of me and point at Noah. Cheesy bounds towards him and backs him into a corner. It's my turn to laugh. I close Nina's stable door and lean against C.J.'s. I whistle and Cheesy runs back to my side. He sits and cocks his head genuinely looking like a good, well behaved dog.

"Unfair." Noah chuckles as he walks over and leans beside me. "You have that dog trained to do your bidding, and he's not even yours."

I shrug. "What can I say?" I grin, "I'm an animal genius."

Noah laughs.

"Come on, let's go grab tack. Oliver says they haven't been used much today, so we can do some flatwork." I tell him as I grab his hand and drag him to the tack room.

When we've ridden Nina and C.J. we come back and lean against C.J.'s door again.

Noah's phone beeps.

He reads the message he's just received. "Paul's coming out here."

"What? Why?" I say, maybe a little too quickly.

"I guess he saw me coming. Doesn't realise you are here as well." Noah studies my face. "You really hate him, don't you?"

"I don't hate him. I don't hate, period." I look away from Noah.

"You dislike him though. I can see it in your eyes. Why?" Noah turns my head back towards him.

His hand lingers on my face a little too long as I can feel every surface of skin that he touches tingle with electricity. I remind myself he's gay.

That's how Paul finds us. Me gazing up at Noah, and Noah's hand hovering on its way down from my face. Paul glares at me and I blush.

"I'll – I'll see you tomorrow." I don't look at either of them as I leave, and neither of them speaks, though Cheesy lets out a long whine.

At least someone cares.

I storm in the house in an extremely foul mood and hating Paul more than I ever have before. Carmen comes after me up the stairs by, which time tears of fury are burning down my cheeks.

"Liza? What's wrong? What's happened?" Carmen asks as I stand in the middle of my room shaking.

She steps towards me and I sob into her shoulder. She rubs my back like she used to do when I was really little.

After a few minutes I calm down and start breathing normally again.

"Are you going to tell me what's happened between you and Noah?" Carmen questions.

I shake my head. To do that I would have to tell Noah's deepest darkest secret. I could never do that. Carmen leaves with a sigh. I'm a helpless case obviously.



Paul smiles when Liza leaves and turns to me.

"I didn't realise she would be here. If I had known I wouldn't have come." He says, still with that grin on his face.

"She's my best friend." I say, moving away from him.

"You want that as your best friend?" he raises a chocolate eyebrow, "She's only going to end up like her mother and her grandmother."

I glare at him and walk off.

"You don't argue because you know I'm right." He calls after me.

I stop and spin around to face him, "No Paul. I don't argue because I'm not going to waste my breath on you."

Then I walk off again.

I know Liza is sensible, and she doesn't even have a boyfriend. She's not going to get pregnant, not until she's ready, which she isn't because she's not even sixteen yet. Also, she doesn't want to end up like her mum and grandmother. She doesn't want to be like them. She's had it drummed into her by everyone since primary school that she is going to be like them and she's determined to not be.

I walk home, thinking of how Paul has been getting on my nerves lately and of how I might just have blown it with Liza for not asking her to stay.

Not that she would want to stay. She and Paul have never got on. But if I'd just asked her to stay…

When I get in I go straight up to my room and do my homework.


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