Fire and water;
Both completely different things. One brings life, while the other brings death.
But, then again, fire can bring life to the soil by burning plants to make fertilizer for new plants, and water can drown many things easily…

Fire and water;
The rooster…it does crow to the morning sun, thus welcoming fire unto the earth.
The crab…crawling along the water's bottom, scurrying against current, friend, or foe.

Fire and water;
A calming sea with a passionate fire across its surface…

I am both.
I am neither.
I am…me.

Within the deep black watery depths of my heart, a fire fuels on my hatred and anger.
Beneath this strong, lively exterior lies a free, calm spirit.

I am fire within.
I am fire without.

I am water within.
I am water without.

When fire and water collide, both will tear away at the other; they both end up as nothing but steam, drifting away after the war.

I house this great battle.

In fire, I am brave, strong, selfish, and stubborn.
In water, I am free, caring, quiet, and alone.

How can I be two things at once?
How can I yearn to care, and yet be so withdrawn?
How can I be a brave and wonderful person, but still be afraid?

How can I be me?

With fire, I keep going and growing, no matter what, until my fuel runs out.
I will keep at it, never ending, until I either win or fail.
I always think for myself, always going for what is best for me.

Like a strong river, pounding against a boulder in my path.

With water, I am a free spirit who loves to travel, seeing and trying new things.
I am always going places, physically and mentally, and learning so much.
I am always alone, walking by myself, even though I am surrounded by others.

Like a wild brushfire, jumping from tree to tree, bush to bush.

Am I selfish to think for myself?
Am I cold for being so alone?
Am I cruel for being so one-track minded?
Am I so bad for being who I am?

Who am I?

I am always at war with myself, and sometimes it just makes me cry.
I ask myself, "Who am I?"
And I cry because…

I can never answer.

The only thing I know is…

I am me.

I am always trying to get better, but I always put myself back down.
I am always trying to get farther, but I always end up lagging behind.
I am always wandering around, but I always walk in circles.
I'm always running from it, but I can never escape it.



I house this great battle.
I am this great battle.

I am a circle of feelings, always running over myself and tripping on my own feet.
I am a chain of emotions that is all connected, but separate.


I am…