People Watchers

On the roof of a dessert cottage, a couple miles from the nearest town, an angel and a demon shared a small cooler full of beer while they watched a couple quarrel in what might be called their front yard were it not for the lack of grass.

"What do you find so interesting about humans?" the angel asked his red skinned companion in a bored tone as he slouched in his folding chair and sipped his beer. Secure in the fact that the people below could neither see nor hear them.

"I would think it would be obvious to a day-glow feather duster like you," the demon replied casually as he leaned forward in his own chair to better study the two combatants. People watching was a hobby of his and this couple was one of several that had caught his eye for one reason or another. They often came outside to fight so as to avoid breaking things in the heat of battle. Very few humans, in the demon's experience, actually kept their heads that much when they fought.

"Humor me brimstone breath." Though the two paranormal entities were on opposite sides they had secretly been friends for many years despite their differences.

"Well for one thing, monogamy isn't something we practice in Hell, so it's interesting to see humans try to make such a restrictive practice work."

"Obviously they can't make it work too well," the angel said as the woman landed an uppercut that knocked the man onto his back.

The demon turned to his heavenly companion with one thick black eyebrow raised. "What, you never had a fight with your girlfriend?" he asked while the woman waited for her husband to get back up so they could resume their fight.

"Please," the angel belched before continuing, "Angels are far more civilized. We in heaven have thought out discussions with each other, we don't punctuate our sentences with our fists.

"This coming from an angel drinking beer in jeans and a white t-shirt," the demon scoffed. "Besides this fight isn't about one of them cheating on the other. If you had been paying attention you would know that they're fighting over money problems."

"It's still a savage way to solve a problem," the angel stated, "especially in the heat of the dessert sun. And I'm on vacation so I can wear whatever I please. Besides, it's not like anyone can see us. You don't see me poking fun at your Hawaiian shirt."

"The heat actually helps to tire them out before they can seriously injure each other," the demon countered, ignoring the crack about his shirt. "See, they're already exhausted and are heading inside where they can cool off, lick their wounds, and have the calm discussion you think so highly of."

"Good, does that mean we can go see something interesting?" Without waiting for a reply the angel closed the cooler, stood up and stretched.

The demon sighed, "Yes we can go. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we're friends."

The angel shrugged as he folded his chair, "We both get a kick out of hanging with the enemy?"

"Sad but true," the demon said as he too got up to fold his chair. Then they both blinked out of existence, leaving no evidence that the two people watchers had ever been there.