A/N: It's like a short story/poem thing I guess.... I'm not sure. I couldn't sleep so I ended up writing this. Make what you want of it, I think the meaning is pretty clear.

Pink Carnation

The sun comes up

A windswept cherry on the horizon

The light spreads across the land

Revealing a young maiden with a familiar face

Relaxing on a simple, wooden swinging bench

She clutches a carnation

As pink as the sky with the rising sun

And she watches the bend in the dirt road

With green eyes set by determination


A soft snowflake galloped around the bend

A man on a gallant ashen steed

His hair was dark, and his skin was smooth

The girl rose from her rocking seat

To greet him with a smile


"Sir," she said, "You are my prince.

For my Godmother had told me that one day

A man would amble around the bend

He will have eyes that shine like stars,

As yours do, Sir. We are meant for each other."

She bowed low to him


"Lady," he replied, "My eyes may shine like stars,

And I may be your prince indeed, but that matters not.

You see, I have a princess back home

Tomorrow we are to be wed, and I am to rule a kingdom.

She will provide me land and luxury.

What is there to be had with you?"


The maiden frowned deeply

For she had no land, and she had no brass

"I cannot give to you fortune, Sir," she sighed,

"But I can give you my carnation.

If you nurture it, and ravish it daily

It will grow, and it shall flourish,

And on that day I can promise you

Our love will have prospered, too."


The man laughed. "You are too hopeful.

For in this world you cannot rely on carnations,

And you cannot barter with love.

I am off, so best of luck, My Lady.

Perhaps one day your bloom will be accepted."


As he rode into the rising sun

A pink petal drooped and fell to the ground

Where it joined the many wilted petals already there

The maiden wondered then if she

Would even have a carnation left to offer

To her true prince


But she sat back down on her swinging chair

Teary eyes set by determination

She watched the bend in the road