{Sandrano, Soma Arnosat Renooma, and the rest of the village council sit down in the Wise Woman's house}

SOMA ARNOSAT RENOOMA: We are gathered here this night to decide the fate of the Princess Nariamora. Is the Council ready to hear what the bones have to say?

(Quiet affirmative is given)

{Soma Arnosat Renooma pulls out ten small pyramidal bones from her satchel}

{Soma Arnosat Renooma then casts them on the floor and studies them intently for a minute or two}

SOMA ARNOSAT RENOOMA: The bones tell me many sad things. The wolf came from far to the north and is traveling back that way. It has already reached far past our lands. I am not able to discern whether Nariamora is still alive or not.

Council Member: We can't go after her. We have to continue living here. I'm sorry Prince Sandrano, but we cannot send a party out looking for her. She could be almost anywhere to the north right now. The further that we stretch past our lands the higher the risk that we will be discovered by the Emperor and wiped out once and for all.

{Sandrano sits there silently}

SANDRANO: Then I will go after her alone.

SOMA ARNOSAT RENOOMA: If you undertake this Sandrano, you will have to leave this village and the Artimochi forever.

{Sandrano nods)

SANDRANO: I understand.

{Sandrano stands, closes his eyes, and places his palms together.}

SANDRANO: In the name of all held dear by the Artimochi currently living, I give up my throne.

{The first symbol burns off of Sandrano's arm)

SANDRANO: In the name of all held dear by the Ancestors of the Artimochi, I give up my heritage.

{The second symbol burns off of Sandrano's arm)

SANDRANO: In the name of the Spirit God, I renounce the Artimochi and vow to never reveal I was once one or where they currently live.

{The final symbol burns off of Sandrano's arm)

{Sandrano silently sheds one tear)

SANDRANO: I give my rule to the next of my kin, my sister Nariamora. In the event that she is not returned to this village in time for our father's death, then the Wise Woman, Soma Arnosat Renooma, will rule until Nariamora's return. My marks have gone and I am no longer one of you. Yet I plead not to be forgotten by you or the Spirit God. I also plead to keep my wings.

Council Member: We are few left of the Artimochi. We have lived in this valley for more than nine thousand years. We grow fewer each year. Our only hope is to remain here and try to endure. Even should Nariamora be returned to us, what of her fate? She shall die barren and without children. If Sandrano had had frivolities, then he might have put a child of his on the throne. But he has no children, no wife. So we must now loose our last prince, everyone's dearest friend, and our most fearless leader. We will surely be lost now. And we hear your pleas. And we shall honor them. We shall call you The Beloved. We shall allow you to leave with your wings. We shall pray to the Spirit God for you.

{Sandrano stands up and starts to walk to the ladder}


{Sandrano turns)

{Soma Arnosat Renooma takes a small ball of steel and rolls it to Sandrano)

SOMA ARNOSAT RENOOMA: This piece of metal was found in the pool of blood where you cut open the God. Take it with you and it may lead you on. Also, search out the help of the Spirit God. He may be able to give you answers. We are not permitted to see you leave so goodbye and good luck.

{Sandrano catches the stone and jumps down the ladder.}

End of Scene Two