Worst fears.

I sit at home, at my laptop. I am alone. Everyone is out. I can hear the rain lashing against the window panes and I can hear the wind howling its way through the woods. Lighting flashes and my room fills with an eerie ghostly light, just for a second, and then it's gone. I let my thoughts drift. They wander and they stray into dark, dangerous territory. This is my fears. My thoughts head straight, as fast and streamlined as a speeding bullet towards a heart. They sought out my biggest, the worst fear. My thoughts are against me. My own thoughts are dragging me through hell and back. My thoughts latch on to the impossibility of my badest fear. Now I have to think. Now I have to face my fear.

My heart jumps as the doorbell rings. I rush towards the door, towards the shrill, terrible ringing. Hope and fear in juxtaposition, clouding my thoughts, each emotion struggling for dominance. Fear wins. It wins as the door swings back and I look upon the faces of the policeman and woman. The poor, unfortunate bearers off bad news.

It wouldn't have been quick, I know that much. My parents would have known exactly what was happening, from the moment the car slammed into them, right up until they both drew their last breathes from old, battered lungs.

I am in a state of shock. Overwhelmed by the news. I try and fail to pull myself together. My life has changed in the short time of ten minutes. My life has been ripped apart like a bird fallen prey to a cat. My life has been destroyed and damaged. My life as I knew it has ended.

I know my parents are never coming home.