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Why Cry Alone….

"Why…am I in the dark?" I muttered to myself, pressed into the corner of the cage. I waved my hand in front of my face, but I couldn't tell where it was. There was no light where I was. I sat very still, trying to hear what was beyond my cell, but all I heard was my own breathing. I shuffled around a bit, trying to press myself into the corner even more when I heard footsteps outside of my area of darkness.

"Hello?" I asked softly, and the door to my cell swung open freely, as if it was waiting for me to address it. I covered my eyes at the bright light, and there was the sound of someone moving around quickly. I edged closer to the open door, my senses accustomed to the outside already.

"Quickly! You must get out!" Said a blond boy, not much older than myself. I nodded to him, and I tried to stand. The boy caught me as I fell to the ground, holding me up as he gripped onto his sword.

"If you stay here too much longer, you'll become like me. You have to go!" He said, and he helped me to the door. I nodded again, and I held onto the door, gathering my strength. I took one last look at the boy, noticing the way his hair stuck up and his green blue eyes. He nodded at me, than he turned to the door, bracing for the guards.

"Wait! I don't even really know you-!" I said, and I held onto the wall, afraid that if I moved forward, I would fall again. HE turned to me, his sword held in one hand with a slight smile on his face.

"Easy, girl. Shush." He said, and he nodded toward the door. I heard the sound of footsteps running towards us, and I crouched, growling slightly. I felt a jolt in my body, and a slightly prickly sensation. The boy turned to me again, and he held one finger up to his mouth, telling me to be quiet. I stopped growling, and the prickly sensation went away. He turned once again to the door as I stumbled towards the door, getting used to walking quickly. I started to run, towards the exit, as an explosion from the area I was in rocked through the building. I turned with fearful eyes towards the door I had run through, and all I saw was a sheet of flame.

"No! That boy.." I said, and I turned to the next door, gathering my courage and wiping away tears. I heard someone moving towards me, and I ducked behind the crates I was standing next to.

"She's gone! Cloud must have helped her escape." Said an older male voice. I froze, holding my breath as the two men walked right past my hiding place.

"Cloud…" I muttered, and I clapped a hand over my mouth, but the men had already left. I moved out from behind the boxes, and the glitter of the sun from behind one of the doors made me sigh in relief. I can leave soon. I had opened the doors when I heard a commotion from behind me. I ran out into the light, ignoring the pain it gave to me. I had been in the dark for so long… I turned back only after I had been running for what felt like forever. There was a column of smoke, and the barest sign of a lab complex. Most of the building was on fire.

"There's a renegade here! Should we pick up?" A male voice said form behind me, and I turned to see two men, in odd uniforms. They weren't from Marko Inc., that's for sure. I got into a defensive stance as their radio cackled a response.

"Affirmative. Pick up, but be careful. Some of the renegades are escaped experiments, and we are warned. There's a girl that was let loose by Cloud, she is very dangerous. Responds to the name Tori. She's around Cloud's age, shapeshifter." The radio crackled, then it went silent. My eyes had grown wide with fear. Tori? That was my name? I can.. shapeshift?

"Tori?" The man asked cautiously. I glanced at him, startled. He backed up a step, his weapon trained on me.

"We got Tori. What should we do?" said the trooper, and I started to panic. I backed up, but the men just followed me, their guns trained on me.

"I don't want to go back." I said, and the trooper seemed to panic. He looked over at his buddy. He shrugged, and the radio cackled again.

"No matter what, she MUST NOT fall into the hands of them again. If she doesn't want to come with us, dart her. She has to be collected." The radio cackled. I looked at the troopers with wet eyes.

"I don't want to go back." I said, and I watched them as they dropped their weapons to their sides. I moved closer as the one that had been talking held out his hand.

"We can take you somewhere safe. Come with us, Tori." I nodded, and I took his hand, looking at him fearfully. He smiled, and I felt better. I was six, easy to believe in anyone who didn't want to hurt me or experiment on me.

~It was eleven years later that I saw Cloud again. But, that is jumping ahead. ~

"Tori, there's talk of enemies outside. Is this true?" Commander Riker asked me. I looked from him to the person beside him, a rookie. I closed my eyes in thought, listening for the telltale signs. After a few minutes, Commander Riker cleared his throat. It was odd; I was one of the main reasons that Riker became a commander. He came back, carrying me, one of Marko Inc.'s prodigies, in his arms. He was instantly promoted to take care of me. Also known as Commander in a few years. He's like the family I never had.

"Yeah, boss. There's a squad of Marko goons outside. Hoping to take us out by nightfall. Do you know they are still looking for me?" I said. The memories of that night were very fuzzy. I had been under a lot of stress that night, trying to stay alive and undetected. All I remember of my savior is a blonde head of spiky hair and amazing eyes.. blue green, maybe? Anyways, back to the story. Again. Riker sighed, and he nodded. The kid beside him watched me as I got off the stool I was on, my shoes making slightly squeaky sounds against the tile.

"Five, four, three, two, one…" I muttered, and then, right on time, was a loud explosion. Riker sighed again, covering his eyes with his hand. The kid beside him looked freaked out.

"After the weapons?" Riker said, keeping his eyes covered. I nodded, my eyes on the window. It was cloudy, but it wasn't raining yet. Then, I 'uhuhed', because I remembered that Riker couldn't see my head nod through those thick hands of his. He turned to the kid beside him, rattling off orders. And then he rounded on me.

"Stay away from them. They will recognize you." He said, and he was off running towards the explosions and gunfire. I started to wander through the buildings, trying to stay away from the fight, but it kept drawing me back. I was also not paying attention to where I was going, which was a bad thing. For suddenly, I was in the middle of the fight, people dying left and right. Riker noticed that I was there, and he yelled over the sound of screams and gunfire at me.

"Get the hell out of here!" he said, and I nodded, trying to get the sound of the dying out of my mind. I pulled open the emergency door to the new catwalk, slamming it shut behind me and locking it. Kevin was there, a friend of mine who I grew up with. He had his slaughterhound, BoB, there. To anyone else, BoB looked like a golden retriever, but everyone here knew that if anyone got near his master or the compound, BoB would tear them apart. BoB was an experiment that made everyone out there fear us. We watched as the door was dented form the inside form the explosion. I turned nervously from the door, towards the end of the catwalk.

"C'mon Kevin. Let's get the hell out of here." I said, and a sniper hit me with a dart. I ripped it out, expecting to feel the effects of sleeping agents, but nothing happened. I turned to see no one behind us, and Kevin was still walking towards the other end of the catwalk. BoB was off his leash, but he was following a pretty close distance. When we reached the other entrance, I felt dizzy, and I fell to the ground, Kevin yelling at BoB to sick the men…

"Sir, we caught a renegade. And he came with a prize…" one of the Marko goons said to a radio. The girl was out on the grass, the drug they gave her keeping her unconscious. There was a dead slaughterhound next to the unconscious boy, and they carefully picked up the girl, Tori, keeping very little contact with her at all. The boy they were less careful with.

"Cloud will be very disappointed. Anyways, does it look like they treated her well?" the radio cackled back, and the solider looked Tori over, noticing the way she had filled out nicely.

"Affirmative. She looks healthy." The solider said, and the radio crackled again. The solider waited for further instructions, his eyes on the girl. It looked like she was going to wake up soon.

"Bring her, quickly. She will not stay under for too long with that useless drug we gave her." The radio cackled, and then it went silent. The solider looked to the other troops there, looking from them to the girl.

"Quickly, take her and her friend." The trooper said, and with that, they were gone.

I woke up to darkness, and pain. There was a needle imbedded in my arm, and with a sinking heart, I realized that I could never go back. I was locked up again, just like before….I thought over the things that happened in the past few hours, and I must of nodded off again, for the next time I was awake, there was someone watching me.

"What do you want with me?" I asked, and the man laughed. He pointed at my arm, and the needle that was there.

"I've been waiting for you, Tori. You were my masterpiece. Well, besides him, maybe…but then, you had to help each other out, didn't you? He helped you to escape, and you…well, you let him stay here, didn't you?" The man said, and he walked closer to my cage. He was the man from my nightmares, the man the blonde haired boy always chased away. Where was that boy now?

"I've changed your body for you. Made it more.. adaptable. You should be thanking me." The man said, and I cringed away from him, my eyes on the floor. He laughed again, bending down to better see me. I tried to pull away, but I was cuffed into the cage. He sighed, frowning, as he stood up, tapping the IV.

"Time for you to take a nap." He said, and he slipped the needle into the IV. I continued to struggle against the cuffs, even thought I knew that it was pointless.

"Leave me alone…I snarled, and I felt the darkness rise up into my vision, but I continued to struggle until there was no energy left. Soon, I was asleep again.

"She's awake again." Said a different voice, and I moved, trying to get free. There was a more intense pain circling my entire body, but I ignored it. I want out, damn it! I yanked on the restraints, and they scraped against the cage with the sound of protesting metal. There was a screech of metal on metal, and the door was open, and I was free. I watched the man with narrowed eyes, a low growl coming from my chest. The restraints were unlocked with a remote control, although they looked like a shark had chewed them up and spit them out. I crouched, ducking my head to better see the man.

"Before you go,…" said the main scientist, and I locked gazes with him, I crouched lower, my teeth bared. I wasn't quite…human… anymore. And that scared me.

"Kevin is in the city. You know the one right? Where he's at, there's going to be a bombing. You have…."he looked at his watch. I growled again, moving forward slightly. He smiled, taking a small step back.

"Two minutes and 55 seconds. You might want to hurry." He said, and with that, I was off. But something wasn't right. I was running slower than normal. And I could run on two feet anymore. But I didn't want Kevin to die. So, I closed my eyes, continued to run, and I wished for my body to move faster. And I felt a subtle change run through my body, and I could feel my legs and arms responding, moving faster. And when I opened my eyes, I was in town, running right for Kevin. And not a moment too soon, for there was Kevin, and as I knocked him away from the bombsite, there was a loud explosion, and suddenly I was surrounded by angry townspeople.

"Leave. Me. ALONE!" I snarled, and I watched with angry eyes as they hauled away Kevin again. I burst through the angry crowd, running faster, and opening wings I never knew that I had as fur sprouted over my body, signifying the full transformation. I was now a demon, a monster, in some people's eyes. And I hated myself for it. I flew lower, closer to the Marko Inc. Site.

"Why did I come back?" I asked myself as I landed on the ground, folding away my wings, moving silently towards the open door, my senses on high alert. A slight wind ruffled my fur, and I picked up a few scents in it, but not the one I was questing for. I edged past the open door, barely even making a sound, as I eavesdropped on the guards conversation.

" She made it, huh?"

"Yeah. She is probably going to come back, we have Kevin again, right?"

"Yup. I heard Boss is talking about her being a Companion."

"A Companion? Seriously?"

"Yeah. For someone important."

"You can't be serious! For CLOUD?"

"I never said that."

"Wait, what's a Companion again?"

"Are you really so idiotic? A Companion is a person who can shapeshift into an animal, and they bond to a person, to keep that person safe forever."

"Cloud? What are you doing here?" I pricked me ears, for I recognized that name. There was the sound of a sword being drawn, and then the guards cussed simultaneously. Two bodies hit the floor, and I decided to investigate. I walked cautiously around the broken door, my ears pinned and my teeth barred. And the man in the room froze, his blonde spiky hair blowing in the wind. I growled, low and threatening, and he spun slowly towards me, his eyes on my own. I kept growling, but it was low, as I locked eyes with the man. He had hauntingly familiar eyes… and he seemed to know me, for he wasn't running in terror yet. He only watched me calmly, his huge sword strapped to his back, and he looked like he was waiting for someone, for something. I almost wondered if he was waiting for me, but there would be no way that this Cloud could be the person who set me free all those years ago? There must be some other reason as to why he seemed so familiar, why he wasn't attacking me or running away.

"Easy, girl. Shush." He said, and he kneeled down, his hand out for me to sniff. I kept my ears flat to my head, growling very low, and I shuffled forward, trying to see if I could speak. He sat still, his eyes on mine. His voice triggered a memory, one of that night long ago when I was released from here.

"Easy, girl. Shush." He said, and he nodded toward the door. I heard the sound of footsteps running towards us, and I crouched, growling slightly. I felt a jolt in my body, and a slightly prickly sensation. The boy turned to me again, and he held one finger up to his mouth, telling me to be quiet. I stopped growling, and the prickly sensation went away. He turned once again to the door as I stumbled towards the door, getting used to walking quickly. I started to run, towards the exit, as an explosion from the area I was in rocked through the building. I turned with fearful eyes towards the door I had run through, and all I saw was a sheet of flame.

" You saved me…along time ago…." I said, and he glanced at the floor, shifting around on the balls of his feet. I shook myself a little, trying to get the feeling that I was being watched out of my system. I stood my ground, stretching up to my full height as I watched the man move closer, his eyes locked onto mine.

"I did…I wanted to keep you away from this kind of life. Always being experimented on, having your dreams and hopes crushed by the sound of your screams.." He said, and I noticed the pain of an old grievance pricking through the undertone of his statement. I moved forward almost unthinkingly, and he looked at me again, pinning me with his gaze.

" Please, I wont hurt you. Please stop growling. You'll alert the guards." He said, and I immediately stopped growling. I moved another step closer to him, and he didn't move. I kept walking forward, and I felt the calm spreading from him to me. I watched him warily, and he didn't break eye contact with me. I bumped my head against his hand, and through the contact, a spark was lit, running between the two of us. I sat back, suddenly in my human form as I watched him with fearful eyes. He moved forward, his hand outstretched as if to gather me into a hug.

"I won't hurt you, Tori. I thought I told you to leave and never come back?" he said, his face void of emotion. I backed up a step, my eyes on the floor. He sounded like he was in pain. I started to growl, thinking of the things he must have been put through. All he went through, just to release me, and I ended up back here. I looked at him again, catching is eye. I touched his hand cautiously, and we automatically wrapped each other's fingers together, holding hands.

" I was caught, Cloud. I didn't want to come back. Well, that's not true. I wanted to make sure my savior was okay." I said, and I fell back to wolf form, my more natural feeling form. I stretched my wings, and I heard a laugh from the shadows of the room. We both spun towards the shadow, Cloud with his sword, and me with my teeth bared.

"What a interesting change of events." Said the scientist, and I growled, low in my throat. Cloud moved in front of me, his sword out and ready. I felt my form swell, and the scientist paled. Cloud didn't seem to notice, for he was in front of me, and he was not too interested in what I did. He watched the scientist run with the practiced eye of an experienced solider, and he only put away his sword when he couldn't hear the scientist or anything else. I felt myself go back to my normal shape, my wolf shape, as Cloud turned to me, a slight smile on his face. He ruffled my fur, and I leaned against him. He looked down at me as I rumbled, making his shake slightly with the force of my growl. I ran forward playfully, but the sound of an approaching guard made both of us tense.

"We need to go." Cloud said, and we vanished into the night, moving towards the nearest town, away from Marko Inc. forever.