The grass is green,

And the sky is setting,

Filled with dark purples and blues.

Such a breath-taking sight,

To bad it would be my last.

He came out of nowhere,

A gun in his hands.

I had nowhere to run,

And no one was going to save me.

The bullet pierced my stomach,

A slow, agonizing death.

A single tear slid down my cheek,

As I gasp another painful breath.

But as I lay here,

A pool of crimson blood surrounding me,

I can't help but notice that not one being that passes me,

Won't even spare me but a glance.

My body's getting cold,

My senses are going numb,

I can feel the darkness start to overpower me

But as I live these last few moments,

I can't keep myself from wondering why we have lost so much respect for life around us.

When something bad happens,

We look the other way,

And pretend like it never happened.

We walk away and never look back,

Never to do anything about it.

The lights are dimming

And I go in and out of consciousness.

It's time for me to go

For I have lost to much blood

And I have gone to far into the darkness

To ever come back.

And now my worst fear has come true,

I will die alone

Because there was no help,

No one to save me.