My fingers twitch convulsively. My knuckles white. My eyes wide. My face livid.

You are so foolish. So frustrating.

I wait anxiously for your reply and I check the clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. It's almost midnight.

The moon shines in through my window. I can hear leaves rustling outside. I can feel the gentle breeze calming me down. Comforting me.

I peer back to the humming glow, burning holes in my sockets.

My eye twitches and I begin to shake with anger and hurt. Tears threaten to fall and leave me dry. I am drowning in sorrow.

I do not hear the familiar noise that alerts me of your answer. Of your written speech.

I feel the repulsiveness build.

'Coward,' I snarl.

The screen flashes and everything freezes.

My teeth snap together, my jaw clenching in sudden realization.

I blink absently and lift my hands over the keyboard, leaning over to press Ctrl Alt Delete.