Have you ever stayed in the dark so long you couldn't remember what colour and light was?

It's happened to me. Heck, it's still happening to me. After all, how can somebody who has never seen light be able to know what it is? And where there is no light, there is no colour. I didn't know of either.

In my world, there is no light.

In my world, there is no love.

There is no joy.

My bony fingertips scratched wildly at the wooden chair I was chained to – I hoped I could get out – but I only got splinters in my fingers and sore wrists.

I knew I was in a musty room underneath the ground. I knew the place was unkempt. I knew spiders crawled across my skin in the pitch black. Every few hours, somebody would come inside the room from a door behind me and pour water down my throat, then giving me some bread. But, of course, the 'meal' changed each day.

I was taught English in this room, although, my skills are limited.

Surely I could not live for much longer.

How I longed to see sunlight, see myself. I didn't know what I looked like. I longed to know who I was.

I didn't know why I was in here; I was put in this room as soon as I was born… whenever that was. I remember hearing alarmed voices, and screeching – I don't know what they were saying though.

Whenever I asked the person who brought me food when I was going to get out – they never answered me.

If they were going to leave me to die, why didn't they just shoot me as soon as I left my mother's womb?

I stared numbly at the ground (although I couldn't see it) and tried to unbind the chains holding me down once more. There was a click as the door behind me opened. I lashed out in front of me but was held back against the thick metal chains binding me to the chair.

I felt their presence beside me, and hear their footsteps against the ground as they reached in front of me. A shaking hand brought a cup to my mouth – I drunk a little then gnashed my teeth at them – growling. This person was a girl. I could tell from her scream.

'What are you afraid for?' I growled, feeling satisfied that I had scared her. 'If there's something wrong with me, why don't you fix it?'

'I- I- I don't know.' The girl squeaked. The next second she let out a sob and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

I leant back in my chair – my muscles were stiff- I should of eaten the food.

Next a man came in and he picked up the food and fed it to me – although I could tell he wasn't enjoying this job– but I wasn't enjoying it either. I was frustrated, confused, and alone and I wanted out.

'So why aren't I out of here yet?' I snarled, spitting veal in his direction. I felt a fist hit the side of my face but I welcomed the pain.

'Why don't you just kill me!?' I shrieked. The man moved closer to me and whispered in my ear.

'I'm not supposed to tell you this, but-'

He hesitated. He knew he was going to be in trouble for revealing this information.

'We've found a cure for you.'

The room shook as I let out a yell of triumph.

'About time!'

I was finally able to leave! I was finally able to see! I was going to free at last. Whilst I was bathing in my victory, the man left the room.

This news left me happy for the next few days until a group of men walked inside and stood around me. They were wearing night vision goggles.

I'm not sure why. I felt a prick in my neck as the medicine was injected into my veins.

It stung a little.

But I didn't care.

I was finally free!

The men and I stood in the room for the next few hours without a word being said between us. My anticipation was driving me insane.

Thoughts such as 'Maybe the cure was poison.' And 'Can I leave yet?' kept buzzing through my head, and I gritted my teeth together. Soon the men took the chains off of me and helped me up.

'The reason why we had to keep you in here,' one of the men explained, 'Is because the UV rays from the sun fried your skin, and it was killing you.'

Another man spoke, 'You were one of one-thousand human experiments, to gain resistance against the sunlight outside. It's become incredibly powerful. Unfortunately it didn't work, but we finally got a cure.'

'Why did you have to chain me up?' I asked weakly.

'So you didn't escape, simply enough.' One of the men said. I could tell he was smiling.

'Can we go outside?' I asked.

'Of course, come this way.' Another man said.

And they lead me out the doors, there was very little light underground – but it was nice and cool, we passed a mirror and I caught a glimpse of my appearance.

A door opened and I turned to face the front to see outside.

Only I couldn't see it.

I tripped over something like a rock and stood up, looking around but there was nothing but darkness.

What was wrong with me?

The men whispered behind me and a few of them went inside whilst I walked around waving my arms out in front of me trying to feel something. Anything.

Had I gone blind?

I let out a moan and fell onto the ground, howling.

After a few minutes two men held me up and I could hear the other men coming out of the door we came out from.

I heard a clicking sound I had never heard before.

There was a loud bang and-