I feel my body drifting upwards to a standing position; my vision is blurry for a moment, a faint humming in my ears.

I could sense the presence of somebody standing at my window. There was sliding noise and the sharp bang of wooden frame against window sill.

I could hear the wind rushing inside, sending the papers of my desk into a whirl creating patterns at my bare feet. It was a lonely winter night, and yet I wasn't the slightest bit cold.

My eyes focused and across the room was the figure of a man, only slightly older than I was, in his late teen years. His eyes were dark and his face pallid. He wore a black cloak that rippled at his ankles.

I should have been afraid – yet no fear struck me. I turned around my room, looking for something that could give me some idea of what was happening.
'You won't be needing anything.'

The man had spoken in a cruel voice, yet it was slightly comforting. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him raise his arm and motion at my bed, my eyes flickered and I saw myself, in my bed.

It happened instantly.

I felt a wrench at my heart as if my soul had suddenly been hooked and a string was dragging me away. I could not fight it.

'Where are we going?' I barely whispered. I was surprised the mysterious boy could hear me. I was drawn to him, and my feet slid across the wooden floor, I didn't seem to be of a solid substance as my feet went right through the stray objects on my floor, dirty clothing, books I had recently read, the paper which had flown off my desk.

I arrived next to the boy and his eyes lit up a grim smile on his face.

'Up you go.'

He pointed to a ladder which had suddenly appeared outside my window, I climbed outside, cautious not to fall and leapt to it, the metal bars were real – although at the same time they were. A mysterious force dragged me upwards so I climbed.

I could now hear nothing else but the whooshing of the wind and the distant clanging noise of my clammy hands and feet meeting cold metal.

I climbed for many miles – and yet it felt like no time had passed at all. I passed through shroud – cloud I suspected – and the ladder came to an end. I stared, transfixed by the view in front of me.

The moon so large, so beautiful, glittering amongst glowing stars – if I had breath, I would of held it for a very long time.

I heard a whisper at my ear and turned my head to see the man floating in mid-air a sad smile on his face.

'I think you know what is going on.' He told me in a sweet voice which contradicted the pained look in his face.

I could feel the tugging, pulling me upwards, yet I couldn't go any further.

'What's your name?' I asked him, full of curiosity.

The boy paused and for a moment looked very young, very blissful.

'I can't remember…' he said after a long pause, I thought he was going to start crying when his eyes lit up and sent a pain through my chest, 'But I do know, that I am here to guide you – they call me 'Death', you see. It's possible you have heard of me before.'

He chuckled a little, and from behind him he pulled out a scythe, the blade shining magnificently in the moonlight.

I instinctively raised my hands over my body to protect myself as he raised the device slowly and oh-so-carefully. I shut my eyes tight and felt the tugging disappear.

I saw the boy, the boy now named Death, the teenage boy – who…

I felt my body fall backwards and I could no longer control my body, I was paralyzed. And he fell with me, and took my hand in his own. It was very warm and comforting for such a person. He brought my hand up to his lips and my eyes flickered slightly from the beautiful sky, clouds passing, to his face, his eyes full of love and sincerity.

He kissed my hand and put his arms around me, he began whispering words into my ear I couldn't comprehend and he kissed my cheek clumsily.

'I love you,' he said faintly and then we both hit the ground a disappeared in a flash.

And I forgot everything.