"Terry! Come and clean the dishes!" called a hoarse voice.

Terry groaned and rolled off her bed hitting her head against the floor, again. There was a few seconds silence where Terry held her pounding head in her hands, she whispered something to the ground and-


"Coming!" Terry shrieked back, coughing as she had the flu. She dragged her feet downstairs to the dirty kitchen sink filled with soapy water; her mother threw the sponge at her.

"Finish this, and have the washing on the line by the time I get back from work." She demanded, slamming the front door behind her and pulling out a cigarette.

Terry flicked her short, dirty blonde hair out of her face and collected the sponge off the floor, she half tripped over her own feet. Terry begun muttering to herself…
"Stupid mother thinks she can control me… doesn't even earn that much at her job, I have to do all the work, I'm the one who…."- SMASH.

One of the dishes had slid out of her hand and onto the floor where it shattered.
The blonde girl stared at the broken plate and then picked up all of the plates which weren't washed, and sent them crashing onto the floor.

"Stupid mother." She repeated, feeling frustrated.

There was a knock on the door. Terry stormed over to it and wrenched it open.
It was her mother.
She took one look at the floor and immediately threw herself at Terry, hitting her. Terry was used to this sort of punishment; she kept her mouth firmly shut. She didn't want to hear the screaming in her ears, the yelling which was giving her a headache; she didn't want to hear any of it. She wanted to get away from this place. She was on the floor now, struggling to stand up, she just decided to let herself be punished.

I deserve this… she thought bitterly.

She watched her mother pull a broom off the wall and watched it swish down towards her, there was a sickening crack and everything went black.

Terry could hear muttering, there were two voices, no… four voices, but she didn't recognize any of them, no wait, she recognized one of them, but she hadn't heard that voice for many years, it was so sweet and gentle, she thought it was-


"She's waking up!" exclaimed one of the voices, apparently breathless.
Terry lifted open one eyelid; startling blue eyes squinted across the room. Was she in a hospital ward?

"What year are we in?" asked a man wearing glasses and a black suit, he looked important.

"We're in the year… 2007… right?" Terry croaked. The man wrote something down on a clipboard he held firmly in his hand. Terry felt herself loosing conscience again.

"Do you remember your name?" the man asked.

"Um… Terry… right?"

The man nodded curtly and exchanged a look with his co workers, Terry peered around the room, where was-

"How old are you?"

So many questions, why won't they stop asking me questions, Terry thought angrily.

"I'm 17 years old…" her headache was coming back.

"Do you know why you are here?" the man continued.

Terry held her hand up to her forehead; she noted that she was remarkably skinnier than before.

"I was…" there was a few seconds silence. "I was hit in the head, by a broom. I think it was a broom anyway…"

"Who hit you?"

"My mother." There was no hesitation.

There was a murmuring around the room, Terry saw out of the corner of her eye people shaking their heads.

"Can't somebody explain what's going on?" Terry's frail voice broke out.

An older lady, wearing a suit took the man's place next to her bed.

"Look, honey, you have been in a coma for the past 4 years, this may be difficult to understand but it is what happened, and we need your co-operation to see how much you can remember and to get you back into shape." Her voice wasn't the one Terry had heard.

"The lady you lived with, stopped you going to school in year 8, and instead made you work part-time."

Terry nodded slowly, her head pounding; she noticed there was a bandage wrapped around her head.

"That lady wasn't your mother." She lady said slowly and clearly so Terry could understand, "She took you in from a young age and raised you, she got involved in drug dealing and eventually started taking drugs herself, she died 3 years ago from heroin overdose."

"I was an orphan?" Terry grumbled, all this information was making her continuously dizzy.

"Yes, you were. Your parents were killed in a car crash when you were 2 or 3 years old… and as of now you have nowhere to live."

"This sounds like something from a crummy soap opera."

There was a snort of laughter from near the window on her left, Terry blinked and turned her head, to see, the girl she wanted to see, the girl whose voice filled her up inside, she felt a tear falling down her face as she watched her smile. Her hair reached past her waist and was a wavy brown.

"You've still got your sense of humor so you must be getting better, right, Terry?" the girl grinned, her green eyes holding back tears. "I've missed you. We haven't seen each other since that lady you called mother took you away from school."

"Rebecca…" she shook her head, ignoring everyone else in the room "Bec, I thought you forgot about me."

"Wow, this really does sound like a soap opera, but don't worry, of course I didn't forget about you, how could I?"

"Shall we leave you two alone?" asked the lady, a trace of a smile on her face, "We'll be performing medical check-ups soon so…" she trailed off and led the men out of the room, shutting the door.

The sun gleamed through the window, and a summer breeze flew through the window.

"Terry, I wanted to ask you something…" Bec said seriously, sitting on the edge of Terry's white bed. Terry nodded and stared eagerly into Rebecca's face.

"Will you…" Rebecca whispered, "Marry me?"

Terry grinned, "What do you think the answer is, honestly?"

Rebecca shrugged, "I have no idea, which is why I asked." She laughed. "But I mean we haven't seen each other for years and you've just gotten out of a coma and…"

She was going to continue but Terry pulled herself up and her lips met Rebecca's and they kissed. It was such a good feeling; Terry hadn't felt so happy in ages.
"That means yes." Terry smirked; Rebecca pulled out a small leather bound box, and pulled out a glimmering ring. She held Terry's hand in hers and slid it onto her finger.

"Get well soon, Terry." Her eyes were shimmering, "When you're better you can come move in with me."

"Of course I will." Terry said, admiring her ring with wide eyes.
Rebecca kissed her and said goodbye, and walked towards the door, her eyes glinting back at Terry.

Terry felt her energy leave her, her head grew heavy, she collapsed back into the bed and slept in peace for the first time in years, dreaming happy dreams for the first time in years. She felt loved. For the first time in years.