Dearest Little Book,

It's been a almost half a year since I've picked you up and written a next entry but so much has been going on!

What should I start with?

Well Holt and Reiko had their first child, a boy, who they named Timothy, Timmy or Tim for short, and like I told you, mum gave birth to a girl who they named Chelsea a few months after the wedding… When… Terry died…

I occasionally go over to their place to take care of him when they both have work. He's really small, but cute. He looks like his father, Holt that is, only he's got Reiko's eyes.

Well, I'm not as sad as I was before, that's for sure, but I still miss her a lot. Only, then I remember what she told me, and I imagine what she'd tell me if I were to miss her too much, or be sad. She'd say something like this:

"Becky…" she'd be shaking her head, smiling at me, "Don't be sad, no need to miss me, I'll always be with you…. Okay? Just remember that… I'll be right there next to you, no matter what you face."

Well I've been helping Travers with his studies; he's been studying his music and playing his guitar… Travers and Terry really are quite alike, but they'll always be different. I love them both, really. But Travers and I are just good friends.

Yes, so like I was mentioning before, he plays his guitar and he's been practicing heaps with his band.

I found out that his parents had been beating him… He told me a few horrific stories actually, well; he quit his job at the bakery and moved out of his parents' house. He told me about his ex girlfriend who lived just next door, but from what he told me, she moved out to live with her husband.

I still paint and sketch a lot, and I earn quite a bit, I've become more interested in drawing nature though… I'm not entirely sure why, though, but people buy them so it's all okay.

A few weeks ago our pet dog, Ruby, died. Poor dog, she was so cute. She ran away from the house and got hit by a car.

But death's a part of life; it won't go away just because you want it to.

Also, I met this guy the other day, who was really interested in my paintings… We're going to meet up for coffee this Friday; I think he paints as well.

Terry will be proud of me, I'm sure.

Well, I've got to go cook dinner, after that I'm going to go shopping, I was thinking of getting a pet or something, you know, to keep me company, but I probably won't. I've got Holt and Reiko for that.

I'll update as soon as possible, I'll tell you about the date I'll be going on. It'll be fun, I'm sure of it.

Oh... And there are only a few pages left, unfortunately, but I'll fill them.

I'll definitely fill them.

After all…

It's what she wanted.