Just a little bit more.

You skull down a glass of vodka,
Two more and you'll go to the floor,
You skull down a glass of vodka,
Just a little bit more and you're gone,
You skull down a glass of vodka,
And there you go.

Never knew.

I know you came to your locker at the end of the day,
I know you have dark hair and light eyes,
I know you're in my mathematics class,
I know you're top in the science group,
I know you've got an older sister,
I know you've got a gorgeous girlfriend,
I know you don't know who I am,
I know I have feelings for you,
I know that I never knew you.

The Man in the Mirror

I woke up one morning after a well-earned sleep,
I had a strange feeling that there was somebody I was to meet.
I scurried over to my mirror and fixed my hair,
Although out of the corner of my eye… a man was there.
Such a friendly face I did not know,
Although his intentions were very clearly showed,
He wished me well for that very day
The man in the Mirror,
I now see him every day.

[This has no name...]

I hear the bluebirds singing
It wakes me from my sleep
I wipe my eyes and wonder
What new people I shall meet
For the first day of college
It's quite a frightening thought
Yet I hope somebody will take my heart
And put it back where it's safe and sound
It's gotten lost inside of me
And it is very slightly fractured
There at college I wish
That my heart will not shatter.

Crap french makes a comeback. =D

La Rêve

Oŭ il y a des cauchemares dans vos rêves, je serait a coté de vous, votre main très froid dans la mien. Des moments se passent et dans ces moments fragiles je vous entendre.

"Non, S'il vous plait, aide moi, aide moi."

Et comme une oiseau qui se protège ses petits mes mains se entourent la votre et doucement, votre petite main se prend les miens et vous ouvrez vos yeux, des larmes tombent lentement sure votre lit. Je bouge près de vous et je dis.

"C'est fini, n'inquietez vous, c'est fini."

Vous me regardez comme si je n'était pas la de tout. Alors, je vous embrace.

"C'est fini. Je suis ici, a coté de vous. Il n'y a plus de cauchemare, juste moi. Juste moi…"

Je vous pose tranquilement dans votres couvertures et je vois que vous avez deja endormi, une sourire sur votre visage.

Et je suis heureux.


Gentle tears,
Washing down your face,
I wish I could dry them,
So they won't come back.
'Please, please leave me alone.
I don't need you. I don't want you.
Please leave me alone.'
I jerk back and take the blow,
Such cruel words,
Yet the truth doesn't show.
I know you are lying,
I can see it in your eyes,
Which you try to so desperately hide.
Why do you speak thus ?
Why do you lie ?
I turn to leave and feel
A tugging at the edge of my shirt
I look at you with a grim expression
'You humans are all the same.'
Merely a whisper I could hardly hear,
So delicate, so beautiful,
You look at me in turn,
And fly away into the darkness.

I wish
I wish I could tell you how I feel
I wish I could talk to you
I wish the agonising pain would leave
I wish I could be normal around you
I wish it were possible
I wish I could turn my back on you,
But I can't
And I never will
And I hate that
It annoys me.

The Lightning Jar

Golden locks caught my eye, glowing from the dank, dark sky. Such a thing you wouldn't believe would be so beautiful, so simple, so near. I turned around and faced the girl and she pointed to the jar I held. She looked so innocent, so calm. It must be this, I thought, that kept the cold off her, a charm. A small child, like me, she stared anxiously through the rain waiting for the answer she was apprehensive to hear.

'It's my lightning jar,' I told her, brushing sparks off of my winter coat. 'You should get back inside so you're not completely soaked.'

The girl smiled from ear to ear, she didn't care what happened to her out here.

'Why have you got lightning in your jar?'

My eyes flickered again down to the captured light inside the glass. I didn't know what to say to her. 'I catch the lightning as it goes past.'

I found a grin spread across my face as the girl took my hand and held it fast in place. A motion so sweet it warmed me from the inside out, a feat no burning fire or strike of lightning could fix. Suddenly there was a flash of light, and she held my hands up against the sky. Together we caught a lightning flame. A memory one doesn't easily throw away.

I felt the happiness fill me and she pulled a string of light from the jar forming it in the shape of a heart, yet in a small moment I saw the light consume her and I, startled, called out, 'Wait! Don't go away!'

I was stunned to hear the thunder, the see her disappear with the storm. She had appeared and disappeared in a similar form.

As moments went by I suddenly realised what had happened to her. So I took a strand of light and threw it into the air. I saw her for a small moment before lightning flashed and I caught her in my lightning jar.

She was the light, she was the flame. And she was never going to return again.

This was kind of inspired by Edward Scissorhands, and I guess the way I can relate to Edward Scissorhands and the ways I cannot. This is how I feel a the moment. I wrote a poem. You can read it.

Locked Inside

The snow is cold, but I am inside.
It is cold inside.
My body is warm,
My heart is cold,
Give me a reason to cry.

There is a war outside,
I am safe here,
They knock on my door,
I am safe inside,
I leave the door shut,
My heart is cold,
Give me a reason to cry.

I worry for others,
I love those others,
I am inside,
I am alone,
I am happy.
Give me a reason to cry.
Give me a reason to cry.

I'll lock myself inside.

A/N: Just for the heck of it, I know I need another poem to complete this 2-part thing. So I'm making something random up on the spot.

Random Poem Made Up On Spot

Why do we need so much poetry?

A lot of it is extremely angsty.

Reminiscent of Pink Floyd,

With isolated angry teens,

It's Another Brick in The Wall,

Which will invariably,

Be knocked down.